Monday, 21 May 2007

Big Business and Islam

The Hounds

We all know that big business has no morals or loyalty to their countries of origin. We have known that for years.

A classic example is Coco Cola and how it sponsored the 1936 Nazi Olympics and supported the rise of the Nazis by advertising in their newspapers. Then when the U.S. entered the war in 1941, the German part of Coco Cola could not get the syrup to continue making a cola, so they started making a drink that is still around today. Fanta. You can read that here. Talk about, Hunt with the Hounds and Run with the Fox. A win, win situation for Cola.

The Fox

So when I read now that Business is urged to see opportunity in Muslim community, I am reminded of businesses true loyalty. Themselves.

With McDonald's selling halal chicken burgers, Boots selling halal baby food and Tesco , Asdas and many other companies running to catch up in the sale of halal products.

I ask myself, why people would shop, let alone buy a product created by the suffering of animals killed in a cruel and inhumane way?

I ask myself, where are the RSPCA and similar organisations? Surely they are not too scared to take on the people who ritually slaughter millions of animals in ways that would make real people weep if they were to see the deed done?

But you can read about Big Business and Halal here. There was however, something that gave me cause me even more worry. It was this final piece in the article.

Nestlé Malaysia says that there is a growing market for halal products in the UK. A spokesman said: “Initially halal was focused on Muslim markets, but now the demand for halal products is growing from the rest of the world.

And that is the really frightening bit. Not how the Cult of the Dead Paedophile slaughter their food but how the increased demand for their sick sustenance shows how quickly the cancer of Islam is spreading.

The British National Party should organise a non-political grouping to get this evil method of killing outlawed in Our Land and company's that provide halal products should be severely dealt with.

What our country deserves from everyone who enjoys its fruits and freedoms is a little more gratitude -- and a lot less greed.

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Anonymous said...

I think you mean Asda.

There is no such shop as "Asdas".