Monday, 28 May 2007

Why cant you find a policeman in Yorkshire?

Pakistani Police waiting for a Christian to beat - Wait for ages and then 3 come all together

If you live in West Yorkshire and sometimes wonder where all the police are, then wonder no more. They are all over in Mirpur which is in Pakistan-administered Kashmir having a nice holiday at your expense.

On a taxpayer funded jolly, a deputation of police (how many in a deputation?) accompanied a bunch of other public funded parasites on the trip. Including for some strange reason a former Lord Mayor of Bradford. Who paid for him and why?

By what right and on whose authority did the West Yorkshire police sign an informal mutual co-operation with the corrupt police force of Mirpur? These are the same Pakistani police who refuse to defend Christians from attacks by the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

The agreement, although not binding, is aimed at improving co-operation between West Yorkshire and Mirpur police and reducing crime in both countries.

Pity the West Yorkshire police didn't sort out crime in Our Country before worrying about their Dhimmi masters Country.

The British National Party would put the police on the beat not Pakistan.

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