Friday, 4 May 2007

Now we wait

I must confess to being a little bit disappointed with the True Brits who voted for the Tri-Axis parties and are now celebrating.

For the True Brits who are aware of the danger we are in, it is like being onboard an aircraft full of lunatics being flown by even madder lunatics. Our fellow citizens who did not listen to the call to arms have placed us all in even greater danger.

The Vote Freedom forum is working a blinder trying to get information out. Click here.

Well done the activists of the British National Party. We are proud of you.


Mr Fister said...

You're getting hammered!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr fister for that, no doubt you have some insider information. As far as I can see, there is just no way that Labour could have regained the public confidence, but then they dont have to now do they, having imported their own voters?. I'm afraid that as a country we are finnished, our electoral system could never be allowed to show what the people really think now could it?, and the revelation this morning that the ballot computer has malfunctioned, despite weeks of testing, along wih the postal fraud fiasco ensure that Britain will always stay tightly in the grip of evil internationalists. Labour/ Tory/ Lib Dem, its the same people under a diferent name, and the paths open for us to change this have narrowed considerably now that its obvious to anyone with any intellect that the electoral system is compromised. A modern dictatorship is what we now live in, which gives the image of choice, but in actual fact has none.

Anonymous said...

Failed in Wales. But Plaid Cymru have got their first ethnic minority candidate elected off the South Wales list. So I'm sure you'll welcome that ;-)

A net gain of 1 seat so far in the English council elections.

BNP day has been a bit of a damp squib so far, hasn't it ?

Felicity said...

It certainly does anon, but more experienced Nationalists are not surprised at the optimism of he British people and the trust they placed in politicians who have let them down time and again.
Fortunately that is something we have plenty of, time.
The Nationalists in Scotland (SNP) have waited 50 years to see the good results they got last night and they still aren't home and dry.
One of them has campaigned for ten years to get the seat she won last night.
Leaving aside the 150,000 spoiled ballot papers in Scotland and the postal votes which never arrived the "people" can never be taken for granted on polling day.
Now Scotland will find the doors opened to unlimited immigration and a mosque on every corner, thats what they voted for.
If a week is a long time in politics whats a year until the General Election?

celtic morning said...

Felicity , Time is something we certainly dont have , its running out fast for Britain . Visit a maternity ward in any big town and city and see the future . I stood in a busy town yesterday and watched people scurrying about like rats in a maze , victims of an experiment without even realising it . Few would have even known about the election never mind used their vote .Lets face it , most people just dont care about what faces them ten years down the line , they dont even care about tomorow , today and self is all that counts .

The Green Arrow said...

Celtic, I suspect you are right. I spoke a lady who works in an hospital and she told me about the huge numbers of non white births.

I am also disappointed in the way we are getting results, however bad they are out.