Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Staff Finder UK and the immigrants

I often wonder, whether the likes of Andrew Abraham, managing director of Staff Finders UK, which recruits Polish workers in the industrial and technical sectors says that immigrants are a necessity because they are "doing the jobs local people didn't want to do", actually believe what they are saying?

Or are they just trying to ease their consciences whilst increasing their wealth at the expense of their fellow countrymen whose jobs are lost to the immigrants? What do you think?

When he shoots his big mouth off in Recruiter by saying that when the B.N.P. reveal that migrant/illegal workers are depriving True Brits out of jobs is wrong, because in fact, "I could give you 100 clients who say they can't recruit locally". Why don't I believe him?

Now I think he is actually saying, "I have 100 clients who are prepared to pay £1 an hour for people who are prepared to live up to 50 to an house and work until they drop".

The British National Party would restore jobs and pride to the local British workers. There is no need for immigrant labour when employers are made to pay a fair wage.

Cartoon by Nicholson.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, nasty company. They would not hire me because I am british. I would work those long hours, I am not even against some polish workers it makes it interesting to have a small overseas workforce, but when these companies tell you we want Polish because they are cheap, do not question anything then what has this country come to? I would suggest any company looking to hire to not use this company and see if any British people can be hired.