Thursday, 3 May 2007

Is this what you want?

Take a look at the image. This is what we are all paying for. A family of 101 Rumanians who have just arrived in the UK completely destitute. None of them speak English and all are going to "enrich" our society.

The Demitries headed by bus to a Berkshire town following one of their clan - an 18-year-old named Romeo - who had slipped into this country illegally last year. He liked it and stayed. Do they care about the burden on housing, schools and hospitals. No. Do they contribute anything. No. Still going to vote Labour?

Is this what you want? Read the details here. Only the B.N.P. will stop and reverse this madness happening.

If you care about your Country and your Childrens future you must vote British National Party now.


Anonymous said...

If they are all devout catholics why are the women covering their hair? I wonder?
Also in the news today, we aught to cover up in dark clothes wear hats and dark glasses in the sun...
Hijabs would do the trick..... mmmmm, I wonder....... keep your eye on the news for the next part of this story.
All the best,
Harry Gow.

The Green Arrow said...

Well spotted. How many houses will they take from young British people looking to start a life of their own.

Anonymous said...

That is what you've got and there's nothing you can do about it.

Dave said...

The new underclass! An absolute necessity to keep Labour in power. I guarantee these people and others like them will be enfranchised to ensure a high turnout in the next elections to counter a B N P threat.
We must keep up the pressure when the elctions are over there can be no let up, we owe it to our children and our children,s children.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
That is what you've got and there's nothing you can do about it.

YES WE CAN do something about it, and are doing something about and will continue to do something about it.

A small loose knit band of true Brits throughtout this Great Britain decided enough is enough and are fighting back within the current laws. That's what today is about for the BNP.

This loose knit band has grown in size and is coming together in an impenetrable weave of strong hearts and minds.
Not only can we win, we will win, of that there is no doubt.

Spout your vile hatred of us and our goal all you will.

Right is might, truth our guiding light.
Truth lights our way in this dark hour and might will strike a clear path to our righteous home.
All the best,
Harry Gow.

Angharad said...

There will be plenty we can do about it this space!

fido said...

Lardy boy in the middle of that photo looks well fed, seems the benefits system is working well enough for him.

The rest are they his hareem, wives, concubines and the like?

It would take a bloody street to house that lot.

Anonymous said...

They're not Romanians, they're gypsies from Romania (hence the headscarves - many gypsies converted under Islam under the Ottoman Empire).