Monday, 14 May 2007

Hi de Hi Holiday Camp to Close

Illegal Immigrants waiting to enrich your community - amoungst other things.

Well it looks as though those campers called illegal immigrants will not be hearing the wake up call of "Morning Campers. Hi de Hi" at the their new delux camp called Sangatte II being build in France.

The new French President who ordered the closure of the original Sangatte has stated that "There will be no new Sangatte while I am President".

But in an article in the Daily Mail there are fears expressed that his move could lead to an influx of even more refugees to Our overloaded Country. In reference to the original Sangatte camp:-

Its demolition was part of a deal which saw the UK take in 1,200 refugees from France, all of them guaranteed jobs, pocket money and free lodgings.

With Mr Sarkozy pledging to double the number of illegal immigrants being thrown out of France, there are concerns that he may force Britain to accept another major influx as the price for demolishing Sangatte II.

It seems that Mr Sarkozys plans to rid France of their illegals, might mean even more enriching of Our Country. After all I cannot see our craven lot doing anything to stop it. In fact, quite the opposite. They want these people for their crazy multi-cultural experiment that will destroy us all.

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Fidothedog said...

Well done France on that one. Time they Ali back to sandune land.

Anonymous said...

Hi Green I have cut and pasted all your posts today, as usual top class. I would urge everyone to do the same with an attached message to ask whoever you send them onto to do the same. If you sent it two twenty and even if two of them send it to twneny and so on and soforth, its amazing how far Greens posts will reach.
Cheers again Green

Steven Aberdeen