Sunday, 15 April 2007

The Pied Piper of Great Britain

There is no doubt about it. John Reid, the current Home Secretary and not so ex communist is in fact the new Pied Piper. Only this time it is not rats that are being led out of the city of Hamelin but illegal immigrants into the United Kingdom.

Dr Reid (not a real Doctor) or as some people in Scotland call him, Dr Who. Should have been in the Liberal Party and could certainly go taxpayer funded champagne for champagne with Charles Kennedy. Another famous red nose in the commons.

Dr Who, if you remember was the Right Honourable Gentleman who punched an attendant who tried to stop the drunken Reid trying to force is way onto the floor of the House of Commons. He is a worthy sparring partner for Prescott and another fat cat Marxist feeding of the British People. A truly Blairite leech.

Well we have to assume that it is alcohol that has prevented him from seeing what tricks the duplicitous French are up to with a new, improved five star Sangatte refugee camp that they refer to as a Welfare Centre.

And with commendable consideration for their refugee guests they have built the site even nearer to the ferry terminals and Our Country than the last camp.

And as the mayor of Calais admitted it was being sited close to the ferry terminal to make it easier for refugees to cross the Channel "as quickly as possible". Now that is consideration. Remember, these poor, persecuted people have fled across a dozen other safe countries, guided by the sound of the Pied Piper Reid playing the "benefits for all" tune.

French officials half heartedly refused calls from aid organisations to open a new refuge, but their attitude changed after the charity Medecins du Monde warned of a "major humanitarian crisis". In other words. "Lets get them out of France fast. Besides if we do not help them they will burn our cars again."

Wake up Great Britain - Whilst you sleep the Pied Piper is flooding the City with rats.

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