Friday, 13 April 2007

Muslims accused of blackmail to make student girls convert

You might remember the fuss made by the media when the British National Party revealed that young white girls as young as nine were being "groomed" by Muslim men. The B.N.P. were accused of either outright lieing or distorting the truth.

However the media seem to take the same claim from Sikhs and Hindus much more seriously. Is it because they are not white and therefore more important?

Radical Muslims are being accused of blackmailing young Hindu and Sikh women into changing religion in “groomed conversions” on campuses.

The men aggressively target vulnerable university students by using the fear of being dishonoured to force them to convert, community leaders have told The Times.

Many befriend their victims, then threaten to tell their families that they are in a sexual relationship with a Muslim. Some teenagers are said to have been drugged and photographed in compromising positions.

Some of the young women have suffered physical violence. Others have said that the men claimed to have been paid to convert their victims.

You can read more of that story here at the TimesOnline.

Well it seems to me that the authorities had better get a grip on this fast. Both the Hindu and Sikh communities have had very bad, indeed sometimes fatal, experiences of dealing with the Muslims. This is what they are saying over at The Asian News.

The general secretary of the Hindu Forum of Britain, Ramesh Kallidal recently told a conference attended by Metropolitan Police Chief Constable Sir Ian Blair that anger was growing among the Hindu community.

He said: "The police and other agencies have no idea about the hight levels of resentment building up in the Hindu and Sikh communities over aggressive conversion techniques and intimidation by radical Islamic groups on campuses.

"Families are being broken down, while some of our girls have even been beaten up and had to leave university. We need to look at positive action rather than just speaking about these issues."

The British National Party is the only political party that will put you and your family first. Remember that on May 3rd. B.N.P. Day.


Celtic Morning said...

Sikhs and Hindus have good reason to beware of Islam . When India was partitioned after the British left at the end of WW2 to create East and West Pakistan ( Islam demanded their own country ,now Pakistan and Bangladesh ) there was widespread slaughter as neighbour turned upon neighbour in the upheaval as Muslim moved out of India to their new countries and Sikh and Hindu left the newly created lands to live in India . Over a million people lost their lives as gruesome murder and unspeakable massacre occurred . The Troubles in Ireland ? A mere picnic compared to the result of Muslim hatred , vented on the non believer . And Britain and Europe , in the wisdom of its politicians have allowed massive settlement of just these people , cheek by bearded jowl . The whole ethnic mess transferred from east to west , Muslim , Sikh, Hindu - and added to this potent mix , now include the so far docile Christian . They came to live a new life . Or did they ? It looks to me like they came and brought their hatred with them and one day it will all come to a bloody head . Be afraid . But be confident . Vote for the BNP and Nick Griffin , true man of the people .

The Green Arrow said...

Your right there Celtic and because of their experiences both Sikhs and Hindus know there is no reasoning with Islam.

Like you said, it goes to show the quality of our previous leaders who brought this disaster to our door.

And yes we should be afraid. If it were not for the BNP and my confidence in them at all levels, I would be terrified.

Anonymous said...

"the media seem to take the same claim from Sikhs and Hindus much more seriously. Is it because they are not white and therefore more important?"


Anonymous said...

i would like to congratulate you on your work in raising awareness of the threat to the UK and the rest of europe from muslims via the mechanism of reproduction, conversion and asylum.......

I am a British Sikh and like yourself am aware of the bloodshed that could occur in the streets because of the growth of radical Islam in the UK. Keep spreading the word and if you get a moment go to