Sunday, 29 April 2007

Leeds Labour in postal vote fraud allegations

Sorry for the cut n paste guys but I've decided to have lunch out and a bucketful of beer. I shall feel guilty about not fighting for the cause but will make up for it on my return.

Meanwhile check out this report on the Times Online. Someone must eat some porridge for this. Here is a taster. The image is of a Labour Canvaser offering help to a voter.

Today we report that the Labour party in Leeds has driven an articulated lorry through this code in a desperate attempt to gain power on the city council. An undercover reporter posing as a student activist was part of a team told by the leader of the Labour group on the council, Keith Wakefield, and a fellow Labour politician, to collect postal votes in two key wards, and if necessary help voters fill in the forms. The other councillor, Graham Hyde, who worked in the Commons for George Mudie, the former Labour deputy chief whip, warned the canvassers not to get caught with any postal voting forms on them.

Only one Party can restore the trust of the British People in democracy and that is the British National Party. Remember activists. Post a guard on the ballot boxes on May 3rd. None of them can be trusted.


shieldwall said...

hello GA,how are you?..have not been posting lately,sorry.I have been very unlucky and busy,managed to get my car written off I have been sulking and working.Feeling a little better now,I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel at last regarding insurance payout etc...

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Shieldwall. I understand. My car just failed MOT and needs LOTS of work. Small fortune. Then a pile of other bad stuff. You know how it goes. Oh well. On top of that a BIG wedding next weekend and I just do not want to go.Aaaarhh.

Still lets get out there and give them hell for a few more days.

Good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

A "bucket full" of beer?

Stuart Russell you ain't!

(That's Dr Phil Edwards to you.)

Anonymous said...

I think there's a really good slogan ready and waiting for you on the home page of Newport Council's Electoral Registration Office.

"The Chartists Fought For Our Vote. Don't Waste It". Regards JOG