Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Plaid's betrayal.

Plaid's utter betrayal of its founding purpose - to protect the Welsh language and Welsh Wales - is nowhere better shown than in these Plaid Cymru election leaflets printed in Polish. We quote:

"It doesn't matter what languages you speak or don't speak... It doesn't matter where you come from - Welshpool, Wolverhampton or Warsaw - if you think Plaid Cymru should form the government in Cardiff then you can vote for us. Two of our Presidents - Dafydd Wigley and Saunders Lewis - weren't born in Wales.

"What languages you speak and where you come from are no more important than what clothes you wear or the colour of your skin. Plaid Cymru is the party for all the people of Wales."

Out of a Welsh-speaking population of little more than one million, a staggering 6,000 people went to prison during the campaign, launched by Saunders Lewis in 1968, to secure official status for the Welsh language. Many of those now ageing veterans of a long campaign of civil disobedience and non-violent direct action, and their families, are now watching in impotent horror as the neo-Marxist polytechnic lecturers and town hall parasites who have hijacked Plaid Cymru make a play for the Polish vote- despite the devastating effect of Polish immigration and cheap labour on poor Welsh families and communities.

You can read the rest of this news item at B.N.P. News.

And you can read what Plaid thinks of white, Welsh faces here.

Do you think it right that immigrants who have only just arrived in our country and taking our jobs should have the right to vote? Of course you do not. But without immigrant votes, the cosy nest of vipers in the Welsh Assembly will not long survive.

Remember there is only one Party that believes in Wales and Great Britain and you can vote for them on May 3rd. B.N.P. Day.


Anonymous said...

This is one of your daftest yet.

Jen Griffin's Welsh is awful.

Tam Glen said...

I'll tell you a better one than that, in Glasgow South where Mohammed Sarwar is the sitting MP for labour the Muslim block vote is deciding on the keeping of Trident the nucleur deterrent at Faslane and the war in Iraq.
Imagine, the opinion of a hostile foreign community has a say in the defence and foreign policy of the country.
You couldn't make this up.

Anonymous said...

That Welsh dragon could soon lose its claws. If that is the wish of the Welsh, they are not the warriors they once were

LionHeart said...

God bless you Green Arrow

Those impotent aged Welsh patroits along with all other patriots within Wales have no other option but to vote BNP if they desire to keep their Welsh roots firmly planted in Wales.


eejut said...

The BNP is a racist party, pushing an agenda that saw 6 million people wiped off the planet in a holocaust that some people pretend didnt happen.

The really funny part, is that it was our own great nation that invented concentration camps.

The strength of learning from history is not being selective.

In the spirit of politics and free speech, I've left your opinion on my blog, i would appreciate the same.

The Green Arrow said...

The 2nd World War was a tragedy for the world. I believe Russian lost close on 12 million people and genocide is a terrible crime against humanity.

As for concentration camps, I presume you are referring to South Africa. I was not aware they had gas chambers.

However your mentioning it reveals more than you know.

Of course I shall leave your opinion on the blog. It is worth votes when people read it.

eejut said...

worth votes?
interesting, but okay.

Helena said...

Its worth votes eejut or eejit as we say North of the Border because many people wrongly see Islam and Muslims as "the enemy".
I never fell for that one. The enemy is the Far Left who hate the idea of Nationalism because it interferes with the "one world many slaves" ideology of the Far Left.
The enemy of Britain wears a face like yours, Islam is but a symptom, you are the cause.

Below is a link to the "symptoms" planning the takeover of the Welsh and Scottish assemblies.