Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Ted Heath - His time in the Toilets.

I could never understand the hatred of a nation that could exhume the body of a previous Leader, chop it up in bits and generally abuse it. Which is what happened to the remains of Oliver Cromwell. His head was then put on display for 20 years outside Westminster Hall.

Then I discovered how that creature Edward Heath had lied to the British public about Europe and I have taken a vow to go to Salisbury Cathedral and urinate on his tomb.

Now reading about his exploits cottaging toilets for casual sex, I feel physically sick looking at his image. No wonder he was such a bitter old man. You can read about Ted and his toilet exploits here.

Here is a sample of the article:-

Mr Coleman said that he had once asked a Tory peer who was running an anti-gay crusade who she thought was running the party in London.

When she looked at me blankly I replied, ‘the gay men, of course,’ and certainly a huge percentage of Conservative councillors, professional staff and association officers are gay, he said.

All the Tri-Axis parties have more than their fair share of homosexuals. How else do you think a government could pass a law to make buggering a sixteen year old boy legal. No wonder they fear the B.N.P.

One day a British National Party will review all our laws. Round about the time they open the perverts tomb and throw his remains down a sewer.

Rot in hell Ted Heath - Pervert.


fido said...

Now I think a certain Mr Brown is of the same type.

celtic morning said...

You are probably right Fido , remember Elton John getting married to a woman ? All for "image " . And in politics , the media and show biz there are plenty more like that . These are the people responsible for dragging our nation to the depths we have reached today and unless the BNP can make spectacular progress then God help us . I didnt think I could despise Heath even more but now I realise that I can . Pity he didnt live long enough to be executed for his treachery. GA is right , Heath should share the fate of Cromwell.