Saturday, 28 April 2007

The French Connection

Jean-Marie Le Pen, urging French voters to reject the proposed constitution of the European Union, 2005.

I do not know if, like me you were disappointed in the first round of the French Presidential elections. I had hoped that Le Pen would do much better, especially after his successes in 2002 and so was a little down.

So when I read Le Pens comments here and shown below

"I thought the French were unhappy," said the 78-year-old National Front leader."The French are very happy and the proof is that they have just re-elected -- my goodness, with a very comfortable lead and even a little more -- the parties that have been in power and who are responsible for the situation in France."

"I fear that this euphoria will not last long," he said in an interview to French television.

you can imagine how I felt about the perfidious French Voters.

However Sir John Bull has produced an excellent first hand account of the election and his analysis of what went wrong for our favourite Frenchman.

The Le Pen result: an analysis

I have just returned from a short but pleasant holiday in the South of France where I had the opportunity last weekend to observe the first round of the Presidential elections close up. The top four in the first round of voting were:

  • Sarkozy (UMP; Gaullists, ie. conservatives): 31.2%
  • Royal (PS; socialists): 25.8%
  • Bayrou (UDF; liberals): 18.5%
  • Le Pen (Front National; nationalists): 10.4%
The remainder was made up mainly of far left freaks together with de Villiers - France’s answer to Robert Kilroy Silk.

Read the full report here.

I think you will agree, an excellent piece of work on the part of Sir John.

So do not let the apparent turn around on immigration and other issues by the Tri-Axis parties influence your vote. They say one thing and mean another. Only the British National Party says what it means and means what it says. Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd.


Anonymous said...
More honour killing multi cult enrichment. Go leave a comment

Felicity said...

More "Asian" vote rigging from the Lib Dems but shockingly he can STILL contest his seat as he wont be called before a court until the 18th July 2007!
They have the cheek to criticise the BNP!

Anonymous said... Page News

Now you can (as a non muslim) read a glossy mag to be bombarded wth positive images?
Wont that be nice

Dee said...

Green Arrow, interesting observations about Sarkozy and Le Pen from a GNP perspective. I love your movement by the way. Those who speak forthrightly are being lambasted by the press everywhere (as the GNP is) but we need them more than ever. I think Sarkozy may be more a friend than you realize. He probably can't appear to radical if he is going to be elected into a position of power. I have a French student here in Sydney at the moment who considers herself to be a 'centrist' who (with her friends) considers Sarkozy to be 'far right' and too similar to Le Pen. Perhaps he is just playing his cards right in order to get into power and have the influence that he needs to have. God knows we need less lefties in those high positions and if he can defeat Mme Royal, more power to him!
I would love to see the BNP and the British Conservative movement make some covert links and join forces in the battle for hearts and minds there on your island! It would be nice to see your team move the thinking a little (or a lot) further to the right!

Dee said...

By the way, I've commented on and linked back to your story here