Friday, 6 April 2007

All over the Europe - The Same Story

You see the Tri-Axis would not like us to know how bad the situation in Western Europe is getting. They wish they could be like Red China and control access to what we read and watch but so long as we have people like Cat searching out the truth we will prevail.

Even in Rome the self appointed leaders of the Cult of the Paedophile are calling for the deaths of Christians and Jews before going on to remind women of their position in life. And just in case they forget, they advise the men on how to beat their wifes.

Well I hope that this time, the Roman Christians will not allow themselves to be fed to the Lions Of Islam without a fight, because the concealed video shows the Muslim Imam screaming:

"no compromise can be reached with atheists, they must be killed, full stop."

Now is not the time to turn the other cheek. Not if you want a future for your children and your people. The clock is ticking on a time bomb. Only the British National Party can stop it exploding.

People who fight may lose. People who do not fight have already lost.


Cat said...

Thanks to the internet we have access to news the government doesn't want us to see. They prefer to keep us worrying if Posh Spice is getting too thin and who makes the best fake tans with Summer just around the corner.

"Womens Pages" in newspapers are doubly insulting to women, they pay lip service to equality while hiding the horrors that await us if we allow this violent creed to flourish.
I can suss out my own fake tan thanks, just tell me the politicians smoothing the way for the mega mosque so I can work to get them kicked out of office.

Its my job in our little "unit" to hunt down the news and send it far and wide, while the girls write letters, post on blogs and generally support the bloggers out there fighting a war in the dark.

Yesterday I sent out over fifty links to the atrocities and shennanigans perpetrated by the RoP to bloggers MP's journalists and newspapers. I attach read reciepts to the ones for politicians journo's and the press.

Someday I will publish these and name and shame the ones who got good solid intelligence and did nothing about it. Hopefully not after another atrocity on British soil.

A case in point from yesterday, one small thing....The Moscow Times ran a story about the parents of the children slaughtered at Beslan in Russia by Islamic terrorists.
The parents want a church on the site of the school where their children were tortured for days and murdered.

The local Muslims have reacted with fury, saying the death of Christian Russian children killed by Muslims should NOT be marked by a church.....divisive to the community that killed them you see?

Worth a mention in the worlds press or the BBC?
Obviously not, even if it fills in the blanks about a creed that wants to dominate us and "take over the world".

I have a Read Reciept for every organisation that ignored that one.
If trouble brews in Beslan as a result of this arrogant insensitivity, I'll send you copy GA to publish on your site.

Cat said...

There you go GA, thats the link.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Beslan, check out this article ...

"Authorities fear the school massacre that shook Russia a few years ago may be a dress rehearsal for what al-Qaida plans to do in America – only on a grander scale, launching multiple school attacks simultaneously across the country. "

Of course this sort of thing could never happen in Britain, and if it did our government, police and army would be fully prepared to tell the Islamic freedom fighters that their grievances were justified.

I'm sure that if there were more than a dozen school massacres here, the full strength of the Church of England would be mobilised to repair community cohesion by setting up neighbourhood focus groups.

Counselling services might also have to be established to help the relatives of any Freedom Fighters who were injured in these raids.

Parents of tortured, raped and murdered kaffir children who expressed Islamophobic opinions would be encouraged to reflect on their post-colonial guilt and institutionalised racism, and maybe sent on compulsory diversity-awareness courses.

Tam said...

At least Italy is now acting on the threat. Well done. They are investigating mosque funding.