Sunday, 1 April 2007

UAF, MCB and Respect - What is the link?

I have been trying to find out who exactly the UAF are and how they are organised. Granted it has only been a couple of hours but there does not appear at first glance to be a great deal of information about how their leadership is chosen or where they receive their fundings from.

Well checking out their web site they certainly seem on the ball and are reporting that there are to be European Elections in 2004. They must be a little bit busy saving the world and so do not have time to update their site.

Now in my defence, I am tired but I carried out numerous searches and what I discovered was that their leadership is not elected and there appears to be problems with various factions within the body itself. However I have no links to support this yet.

I also read on some of the forums that the majority of their supporters are also members of the Respect Party and this is causing friction with the Jewish element as the Respect Party guys want to wipe Israel of the face of the Earth. The Pink Brigade also seem to have doubts about what the Darth Vader people have under their robes, if anything or are they like the Scots and go Commando? They have also had a fallout with the Red Brigade over at Searchlight. So it appears that they have a great deal in common. They all hate someone or something. Unlike the B.N.P. that recognizes that all people and all races are different but equal.

Hand in glove with Respect are surprise, surprise, the Muslim Council of Britain members, so I am not sure who is trying to feed off who in this soup of sadness. Is this where their money comes from? Or is the money from one of the many Trade Unions that also support them. How much money have they donated? We shall see what we shall see.

I will keep trying to find information and if anyone has any, could they please send it in.

Meanwhile here is a good link about the recent UAF conference over at Up Pompeii.

So you can either vote for the Turkeys or you can vote for Christmas and put your X next to the British National Party candidates in May and bring Hegira that little bit closer.

The patriot's blood is the seed of Freedom's tree.


Northwood said...

That c**t would be better off selling Datsuns on some f**king forcourt than handing out leaflets.

Anonymous said...
this is an example of the lies and underhand tactics of UAF.
They are trying to rig the election against the BNP with this smear campagn. Not sure how legal this is?

Eddie said...

They arent organised thats why their demo's are so small. Just the usual Searchlight crew, some weirdo called "antifascist" with a blog no one posts on and a couple of friendly hacks in the "Mirror".
Remember the neanderthal fatties who protested against the BNP ballerina.........that was them LOL!

Eddie said...

Mohammed Abdul Bari, that well known patriot of the MCB is against the BNP as are all those musicians like Pete "Sniffy"
Docherty and the "sugababes".
Coupled with the might of the Unions and UAF that will teach all those stupid racist white working class people to hand the country over smartish.
Britain is too nice for white people.
Phil Woolas (lab) thinks so and so does the MCB.
Its time for the other races to take over and your government and leaders agree. All they have to do is "smash the BNP"
All the other parties are on the side of immigrants too.

Whitelightning said...

Cant remember where I saw it, but I am sure the Unwashed And Flatulent are part funded by the MCB