Saturday, 7 April 2007

Italy starts to wake up.

Yesterday the Green Arrow reported that the events taking place in Our Land, Great Britain were not unique to us and that the spread of the cancer of Islam was happening all over the Western World with the connivance of many organisations and governments.

Well it seems that Italy has started to wake-up to the thought that the Dream Of Eurabia may not have been such a good idea. With Moslem Imams calling from Rome itself, for the deaths of Christians and Jews, some in their Government have decided being a Dhimmi may not be such a good idea.

Italian Interior Minister Giuliano Amato says he has little control over charitable money coming into the country, especially from foreign governments, who are helping to fund the building of mosques.

"There's something I don't like about it," he said. "In the future, I want to understand who is financing what."

Well that should not take him long. Let's hope he rings his friends in Europe and wakes them up also. "Morning Mr President, sorry to disturb you but I think we have a problem".

For once I am indebted to the Muslim News from whence I gathered the following information. I was pointed there by Tam, one of our news ferrets who reminds us Bloggers daily of our duties.

If you do take a walk on the dark side then check out the reason why the Islamic cleric and teacher who is the highest authority on Sunni Muslim theology pulled out of a scheduled meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday because of pressure from fellow Muslims. Guess what? They are offended, outraged and deeply insulted. Again. A calculated snub to all the Catholics of the World.

Never sleeping. Always ready to defend the British People. The British National Party. My family, your family, Our Family.

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.


shieldwall said...

Well said GA,the struggle continues,ONWARDS!.

Felicity said...

Its great when your fears are justified by outside events.
No longer do we feel paranoid or listen to the wheedling voices of traitors telling us we are "imagining" the threat of Islam.We are not alone.

Name me a free people ANYWHERE in the world happy with the constant outrage and demands of their ever growing Muslim populations?

Europe grows tired and resentful, the UK is simmering.
Across the pond the spirit that built a nation out of wilderness is a powder keg, restrained from gore by civilisation and the will of the people.
Australia, another melting pot of races has realised there is a cancer in their belly which doesn't believe in the truly working class "fair go" the land was built on.

Our hard won civilisation is waking up to the unpalatable fact that all men are NOT in fact created equal and like the Bibical Ishmael that Islam claims as its founder "will set his hand against other men"

Islam is a tumour in the belly of civilisation and only radical surgery will restore the body of mankind to health.

The only people left whispering "paranoid" in the dark now are he foolish, the childlike and the traitor...and of course the Muslim, a blend of all three.

Cat said...

Holland getting stick too. "Dont pay taxes" says Iman to Dutch Muslims.

Cat said...

There are those among our Government who think we should be recruiting more Muslims into the services. Hmmm, maybe not so fast?

hi said...

Silly Spain though, handing it right back to the Moors, without a thought of the NEXT Easter parade.
Dhimmis of the month eh?

Highest Infidelity said...

Trouble is by the time these folks wake up from their sweet dreams the real-world nightmare is just getting started!