Friday, 27 April 2007

Moslems and the UAF Dhimmis.

As previously pointed out on this blog, the Unite Against Freedom group is an umbrella organisation for the Muslim Council of Britain. The white activists of the SWP being their shameful Dhimmis in their vile attempts to discredit the British National Party.

Its members are mostly also members of the Moslem Respect Party and are funded by the MCB and the shameful excuse for a trade union called AMICUS.

The UAF depends also on the support of the Socialist Workers Party which attempts to recruit new members whilst "supporting" the UAF. They are a dull messy violent bunch and neither the UAF or SWP have the ability to stand in elections but choose instead the path of lies, deception and intimidation. Sad, mad creatures.

You can read about the Moslem link with this organisation here. You might also like to know how much the British Taxpayer pays to the MCB. What, you didn't know that we would provide the rope to hang ourselves with? You must remember your Karl Marx. "The Europeans will provide by themselves the rope to hang them"

So if your neighbour tells you what the UAF says about the B.N.P., you now have the information to tell them the truth about the U.A.F. If you want to know more.

Tick, tick, tick. May 3rd. Your choice. Get it wrong and your children will pay.


last man standing said...

Anyone who is white or non muslim that belongs to the Unwashed And Fragrant must be competely devoid of any common sense. Do they not realize that they are being very openly used?. What has happened here in this country where treason is looked upon more favourably than patriotism?, its as if an insanity virus has taken hold. Surely any person involved with these undemocratic groups who is of indigenous extraction must realise how their MCB funders view them?, or are these the naive people within every society that would once have been considered as being a bit slow?

Anonymous said...

Ah but who is using whom?
The Hard Left cosy up to anyone who can be persuaded they're a victim, they've abandoned the middle class black professional because he had the cheek to educate himself out of poverty, the Gay former pets because the Pink pound is strong and doesn't need assistance.
Who is left but the Religion of Perpetual outrage?
The professional victim..all over the world they fight with people them blame them for fighting back?

The Muslims are a gift to the UAF, they will ALWAYS need some fool to convince them they actually are misunderstood.

A strong alliance between the Muslim and the anti-fascist majority including the trade union movement has been crucial to defeating the BNP previously in Tower Hamlets and Oldham.

Rather an unholy "alliance" ?

Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

I hope more people of Britain waken up very soon as I have came across the I’m alright Jack. The downright gormless. Why Cant people see the obvious. Do they really hate our country so much that they willingly, stand back and let us be invaded and dictated to by foreign invaders.
God I fear for my children so much, it’s getting close for time for action. BNP day, lets wake the nation up with the truth, let’s hold the traitors accountable for the treason that they are committing.
We must wear our badges with pride, talk loud so we are heard, fly our flags, raise our banners, poster’s must be displayed. We must take back control of our country, for our children and all our future generations.
God Save Britain, Vote BNP

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

The British National Party is legally constituted upon the principle of Jus Sanguinis. This is commonly referred to as a ‘morally just’ right as a consequence of ancestral entitlement to occupation of a homeland. It therefore effectively defines the ethnic (or native) membership of a Nation in its true sense (of ‘a people’ in occupation of their land). It is on this basis that the British National Party represents and promotes the interests of the members of the ancient nations of the British Isles.

The UAF, in singling out the BNP and BNP members for vitriolic attack on the basis of that membership, is, by intent and by legal definition, demonstrating its racist agenda. However the UAF extends this agenda to the white community in general. In a statement on the acquittal of Nick Griffin and Mark Collett on race hate charges in November 2006, the UAF critically remarked on the “all white jury” – which will be seen by many as a disgusting racist slur on the integrity of the indigenous people.

There is, from the UAF, a notable and rather telling lack of attribution of racism (or fascistic ideology) of groups within non-white communities. It is noted that no equivalent extraordinary prominence is given to the immense popularity of Black rap music with lyrics that celebrate (promote?) violence towards women and homosexuals, and, most especially, a form of anti-white racism of the most disturbing and violent form. Nor is there any mention of the intolerance of sections of the Muslim community to alternative forms of belief or social conduct, and in particular of the anti-Semitism of Muslim and left-wing pro-Palestinian groups . Nor is there any critical examination of the recent demonstrations in London calling for the murder of the kufr ‘unbelievers’, or of the widespread teaching from al-Hilli text (in London especially) in which “disbelievers” are described in the context of “dogs and pigs” .

It is reported that as early as 1984, when Livingstone was leader of the GLC, he grotesquely described the Board of Deputies of British Jews as "dominated by reactionaries and neo-fascists" and, sadly, like all too many Muslims, Livingstone has continually devalued the horror of the Holocaust, claiming that "what Britain did in Ireland was worse than what Hitler did to the Jews" . In early 2005, Livingstone, when being questioned by reporter Oliver Finegold of The Evening Standard, blurted out: “you’re like a German war criminal”. When Finegold identified himself to Livingstone as Jewish and protested, Livingstone responded: “you are just like a concentration camp guard”. Livingstone subsequently refused to apologise, saying: “I could apologise but why should I say words I do not believe in my heart”.

One of the main supporters and sponsors of the UAF, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), continues to boycott Holocaust Memorial Day .
It is in this context that the cruel parading of Mr. Henry Guterman MBE, a Holocaust Survivor, at UAF-sponsored rock concerts will be seen by many as nothing more than cynical political exploitation of a vulnerable, elderly gentleman.

Under a heading ‘The Truth About The BNP”, the UAF proclaimed on its website: “The BNP is a Nazi organisation. The Standards Board for England and Wales has officially ruled that the BNP could be called a Nazi party.” This was a lie. The Standards Board of England subsequently demanded that the UAF remove this statement from their website. It was promptly removed. However the UAF is nothing if not persistent, replacing a lie with psychotic fantasy: “UAF believes that the British National Party (BNP) is a fascist organisation that stands in the tradition of Hitler’s Nazi’s.”

Of course what is missing from the UAF analysis is the fact that there are many British National Party members who fought against Nazi Germany sixty years ago. There are many party members and supporters whose partners, parents or grandparents died (or were gravely injured) fighting Nazism (and subsequently Marxist Communism).

The reality is that it is the present political aristocracy (and the Government’s Home Office, and Foreign Office especially) who have been prepared to “outreach” and appease neo-Fascist (radicalised Islamism) and neo-Marxist (Irish ‘Republican’) terrorist organisations.

In short the UAF, the MCB and the Marxist political elite are beneath contempt