Monday, 9 April 2007

You know your over the target when you start taking Flak

A lot of the National and Regional Press are carrying this little gem:

Labour is facing an unprecedented challenge from the far right British National Party in next month's local council elections, a contender for the Labour deputy leadership has warned.

On the eve of the close of nominations for the elections in England, Wales and Scotland on May 3, Jon Cruddas said the BNP was putting up 750 candidates - more than double the 350 it fielded in last year's local elections in England.

The MP for Dagenham, east London, where the BNP won 11 council seats last year, said the BNP was "thriving" in some poor areas - particularly former Labour heartlands, where it was positioning itself as an alternative to the main parties.

"The BNP is attempting to capitalise on peoples feelings of insecurity," he said.

"We have less than a month to convince people that the BNP represent a very real threat to communities and they should not be considered as a viable alternative to the mainstream parties or even to register a protest vote.

Well if John Crud-Ass is the best they can throw at us, then they are in trouble.

For those not in the know, Jon Cruddas, is a Labour MP and deputy leadership contender and super Blair toady, who campaigns against the British National Party along with the the Moslems in the UAF.

He is also quoted in the TimesOnline today calling for the de-selection of a Conservative Candidate who he has accused of using B.N.P. policies to advance his chances of success.

“This dangerous exploitation of people’s fears is a gift to extremist organisations such as the BNP. Peddling myths about immigrants pouring into a town or about asylum seekers supposedly being given council housing ahead of other residents is incredibly unhelpful."

I quite like the following comments that one astute reader posted.

Only the establishment would even think of denying it. Whatever Jon Cruddas thinks , "Myths" about immigrants pouring into a town are a harsh reality for many people - I personally have links with the westcountry, and I can definitely say that it's changed dramatically in the last 5 years.

Why don't you go drop a comment if your not too busy. See you there.

Everywhere the human soul stands between a hemisphere of light and another of darkness on the confines of two everlasting hostile empires.


Helena said...

Well I've dropped a comment, dont know if they " mod" it though, it still hasn't appeared.

All this backhanded publicity is really good for the BNP. Have you noticed how the minute the three initials appear in a text supporters rush to defend them?

I am heartened by the more articulate responses, it shows the message is spreading beyond the image the media love to portray.

At a school fete recently a young teacher whispered to me "I cant take much more of this" when I asked her why she told me of an eight year old Muslim boy in her class who wouldn't tie his shoelaces and insisted she did it.
When told in no uncertain terms that was not on he had his father deliver a lecture to the school about cultural sensitivities.

No son in his household tied his own shoes, that's what wives and sisters were for.
(any Nationalist brothers out there nodding and smiling I shall hunt you down)

Never one to miss a chance I said vote BNP, put an end to this Sharia by the back door nonsense.
"I'm going to" she whispered "dont tell anyone here"

I bought her an Easter egg.

Helena said...

two hours and three comments later they are still not printing my comments. No swearing, no racism just defending the BNP.

Wonder if I'm banned as well as Fel?
She cant get on either.

The Green Arrow said...


Even if they do not publish your comment, you have won, we have won.

They can hide the truth from their readers but they cannot hide the truth from themselves.

We are proud of you.

Felicity said...

I think they're a bit behind Helena one of yours is up there now. A pretty innocuous one but to the point my dear.
I did a blameless one too, so we shall see.
Onwards and upwards !
Times they are a-changing!