Wednesday, 11 April 2007

What have they ever done for you?

Take the time and cast your minds back, and ask yourselves what have the Lib-Lab-Con parties done for you locally or nationally.. Your country.. and for the future of your children and grandchildren?

Don't be taken in by their spin of promises which always come just before the elections or local elections. Look at the crime levels of this country, probably the highest than in any other country.

Look at Immigration, no control whatsoever and now as they can't trace illegal immigrants they intend an amnesty for them.

Look at house prices and rented accommodation which is in crisis, again where we ever in this position before Labours reign of terror? And what about hospitals closing down, downgraded and moved? Not to mention the horrendous MRSA problems which we never had in the past!

Just take the time to look back and see if anything at all positive have come from their time in power? Lets look at one big accusation that the communists are shouting 'The BNP are a threat' a threat to what? the only threat the BNP pose are to those lazy councillors who have had a good time which are now threatened by the BNP for their positions!

There are much accusations thrown around at the BNP but never given any reasons, they say don't give the BNP a platform to speak, is this democracy? and are they that frightened that people would be informed and may want to vote for them?

Don't be afraid to rock the boat just because you may be lucky enough to be in a secure job for now, will your children have the same security in the future?

My compliments to UK Tabloid for the above.

But whilst your here, you might be interested in this story over on the Daily Mail. It tells of how the Liberals are printing election leaflets in Polish. Under current electoral regulations, anyone from an EU or Commonwealth country who lives in Britain is entitled to vote in local elections. Do you think that is right? Of course not.

The European Union always knew that the way to control a country was to flood the host nation with immigrants who would vote the way they wanted them to. Would a Turkey or indeed Turk vote for Christmas? I think not.

If you do not vote for the British National Party on May 3rd, you may never have the chance to help secure our country for your children and grandchildren again. Tick, tick, tick.

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Cat said...

The Lib Dems are chasing the immigrant vote because the indigenous people loathe their soft immigration policy. Over on MPACUK Muslims are encouraged to vote for them in England and Wales.
I sent you a link Green Arrow on these political whores.
(And the SNP, the tartan socialists in Scotland)