Monday, 9 April 2007

Message to Serving Police Officers

The Green Arrow has received the following and believes it should be published to as wide an audience as possible:-

I want to speak directly to serving police officers throughout the UK. Do not listen to the lies of the media or your Knighthood chasing "superior" officers about the BNP.
Incidentally, they are NOT your "superiors", they sold out your high ideals decades ago to attend functions to fast track their careers. You have a secret vote in a secure ballot box, follow your conscience and do not be intimidated by Memo's from some vastly inferior to you, careerist.

The BNP and the police are natural allies. We deplore the falling standards in Britain where the elderly and the vulnerable are the targets of feral gangs, and we sympathise with the officer who feels impotent to clean up his beat because of judicial meddling and the orders from on high to massage crime figures to make those "superiors" look efficient.

We deplore the entrance qualifications of various Highers and Degree's in Himalayan Yak breeding and Ethnic Pottery, thereby keeping decent working class men and women from a trade background from joining the police and reflecting the community they serve.
This selection by political persuasion is what has tied the hands of the honest officer and led to "neighbour watching" in the rank and file.

The colleague you should be able to rely on to watch your back has to be as careful what he says to you in a frustrated moment as you have with him.You do a selfless often thankless task you should be able to trust your partner not just with your life but not to sabotage your career by reporting what you say.
We uniquely understand your position. We are not racist, we do not hate our fellow man in whatever skin hue he comes in, but we do think justice should be blind.

Ethnic crime is as worthy of attention as white crime but increased diversity training has frustrated the law abiding citizen into thinking that the police do not care about their plight in "enriched" areas.
The tragic case of Kris Donald in Glasgow brought many of their fears and frustrations to our attention.

This was not the fault of the decent men and women patrolling the streets with their hands tied behind their backs but of the orders from on high to bury investigations into ethnic crime so as not to hurt the Asian community from which his murderers came.

Use your votes wisely in May, vote BNP for a return to old fashioned "community policing" which really made a difference, know that we will support you, not hang you out to dry for making your own decision on the ground, or sacrifice you on the altar of Political Correctness.
Vote BNP, be the upholder of the Law, you joined up to be?

Anon Serving Officer

As an ex police officer I know this is fertile ground which the BNP aren't really exploiting. The ordinary beat man/woman with more than 10yrs service is totally frustrated, cant trust their partner "neighbour" in the vernacular, and know that arresting Muslims is career suicide. Thats NOT why they joined.
The Force has been filled with graduates to ensure management positions above the rank of sergeant are filled by "on message" careerists. The sons of farmers, fishermen and dockers..even the ex army boys are being weeded out to make way for degree holding careerists who never have to use a riot shield.
I know we have massive secret support from the boys on the beat...they have told me in whispers.
If this article is any use to you feel free to use it.

Accredit it to Anon Officer.


Anonymous said...

My brothers a copper. He got hit on the head with a bottle last year and spent two days in hospital. The guy that hit him was out on bail before my bro' got out of hospital. He was free before my brother was. What a bloody country.

Felicity said...

This hit a nerve with me because we have three police persons in the family one ready to retire and his son and the son's wife.

All three are the old school, unfashionable solid and very wise.
They also have such empathy with their fellow man whom they often see at the worst times of their lives.
I have the greatest respect for them but I think we may be losing the young ones to immigration in Hong Kong.
Conditions are better and there is a real respect for the police as upholders of the law and not the servants of a idealogical Left Wing government prone to social tinkering.
The older man cant wait to retire, move abroad with his wife and leave the mess his country has become behind.
They were all so idealistic when they joined but that has been abused terribly.
Its our loss.
Go on Officers vote BNP, get back to what you're good at, protecting life and property and fighting crime.

celtic morning said...

I was in Pontypridd and two teenage yobs started to fight on a busy saturday afternoon . A policeman patrolling the beat ran across the road grabbed each of the yobs by the throat , one in each hand and slammed them against the wall of a bank before arresting both . Of course this was forty years ago when police were men and were expected and allowed to do what they joined up for and our streets were safe 24/7 . Now , good men who joined to fight crime are sent to monitor a five year old child chalking the road to play hopscoth or investigating a ten year old who referred to a friend as gay . Not to mention Tony Martin ( remember him ? ) who should have been given a medal for protecting his property not locked up for shooting a scumbag . There will be much work to be done if the British public ever get wise enough to support the BNP on a level required for government .

Anonymous said...

I remember it as a job for a sensible man with life experience and the humanity to know when letting a drunk "sleep it off" was better than locking him up and missing his work on a Monday, so depriving his wife and kids of a wage. The policeman lived in the area he worked so he knew everybodys mother and had a pint with your father, so you didn't get in his bad book.
Your right Celtic morning it wont be easy because the good man with life experience isn't wanted anymore just some five foot nothing kid with a sociology degree and an eye on a fast track promotion.
God help us all if real anarchy comes to the streets it will be everyman for himself.

Anonymous said...

The wrong word at the wrong moment with the wrong person eavesdropping and taking notes could mean your job your pension and your family out on the street.

Yankee Doodle said...

Interesting comments. Kind of like the stuff I wrote about at the new blog: Stop Islamic Conquest: Aces and Eights