Sunday, 8 April 2007

The Line in the Sand

Muslims steal a child from its Mother. Thank God it was not in Great Britain but in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, A country that is slowly but surely slipping under the evil of Sharia Law.

Two days ago, Islamic authorities took away the baby of a Muslim woman, who is living as a Hindu in defiance of the law, in the latest case of religious conflict straining ties in multi-ethnic Malaysia.

Revathi Masoosai’s 15-month-old daughter was taken by the Islamic Religious Department in southern Malacca state on March 26, and handed to Revathi’s Muslim mother, said department enforcement officer Mohamad Imran Ahmad.

The baby's grandmother has her custody for now, Mohamad Imran said. Revathi, an ethnic Indian, is being held in a rehabilitation centre run by Islamic authorities for her religious transgression.

You think it couldn't happen here in Our Country? Well rest assured a lot, lot worse is in store for the women of Our Country should we lose this war against the virus of Islam. If you love your children, if you love your Country then you must make a stand now. The B.N.P. have drawn the line in the sand. Will you cross it and stand with the men and women of the British National Party or will you be a dhimmi slave?

“those prepared to give their lives in freedom’s cause, come over to me.”


The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

Good post GA - lets hope this is not our Alamo - but our San Jacinto!

Helena said...

I second that Lincolnshire, keep the faith.