Friday, 6 April 2007

Bristol set for Halal Mayor

In the usual style of the Tri-Axis of evils rotating dictatorship, it appears that it is the Buggins turn of the Liberal Democrats to win the election for Lord Mayor of Bristol. Which is why the Bristol Evening Post with a stunning scoop can announce the winner now, almost six weeks before the election date of May 15. Even Red Ken Livingstone had the decency to put himself forward to the people rather than a bunch of political parasites dealing behind closed doors. I wonder if the book makers are taking bets on the outcome?

The Liberal - no laughing - candidate is a Mr Abdul Malik, 33, a British Born Pakistani, who hardly seems to be old enough to have gained enough experience for this unelected position. However in view of the Stirling work he has done for charities in Bristol - has a director of the Bristol Muslim Cultural society he helped raise over £100,000 for Pakistan in 2005. A sum of money that was much appreciated by the many deserving causes in the Bristol area.

However in the Green Arrows opinion, Mr Malik reveals his ineptness for this high position by making the following statements in advance of the election.

"I think it is important to represent everyone in Bristol with a multi-racial approach and I think now is a really good time for that.

Well he is right about one thing. Bristol was a centre for Slavery and there is no doubt about the fact that Muslims played the major part in supplying the slaves, black and white. You cannot get more multi-racial then that.

Mr Malik admits he has little experience of chairing committee meetings, let alone the full council but in all fairness, it is his turn to be Mayor and so that right should take precedence over experience and being the best man for the job. He does however have a great deal of experience in increasing the number of animals that are now suffering horrific deaths in that his main source of income are the Halal Butchers shops he owns. One wonders if any of these shops are contracted to the supply of any schools within the Bristol area. Perhaps we should be told?

Mr Malik goes on to say:-

"It could ring some bells nationally as well to show that a city like this accepts having a Muslim in such an important role."

Well the way I see it, the people of Bristol do not actually have a say in deciding who is to be Mayor so whether they accept it or not, they will be stuck with this man until they finally vote in a British National Party Council that will hold elections in order for the people of Bristol to have a Mayor of their choice.

Should you wish to know more about what a great guy this man is, you can visit his website here. One can only hope that he does not buy his sheep from this gentleman. One also wonders if he makes donations to any particular Political Parties.


Whoops. The best laid plans of mice and Malik. Seems there is a problem and he now has fight on his hands. One wonders if anyone else thought to ask the same questions as the Green Arrow contributors?
You can get the update story here. There is also a comment section.

The trouble with free elections is, you never know who is going to win.


Anonymous said...

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Cat said...

Is ths him GA? Quie a pillar of the Bristol community though his achievements do seem to be a little one sided on that community/

The Green Arrow said...

thank you Cat. We work well together.

Cat said...

Not a poor man either. Alone on the page for Bristol meat suppliers it appears he has Schools, hospitals, prisons and "councils"(?) pretty well sown up to supply to.
He also does the usual weddings functions etc etc. Does he supply Bristol schools and councils I wonder?

Anonymous said...

My God but the website bigs him up. Its just a pity his enthusiasm and skills only benefit Muslims. Where have we seen that before?

The Green Arrow said...

One also wonders if makes donations to the Liberal Party and if so how much?

Anonymous said...

Judging by his Islamic handouts to overseas charities would he have anything left to donate to silly British partys who are basically just a political vehicle for total acceptance of Islam.
Must be FoI site to find out though?

Anonymous said...

If I win the lottery Im dealing you patriots in. God you make me proud to be British, and make me even more determined to see the BNP suceed in Aberdeen.

God Bless from Scotland

Cat said...

What a co-incicidence anon, I hail from that fair land!
Hopefully many many Scots will see the wood for the trees and vote BNP

Ben said...

AWWW cant find the comment section. Probably just as well.

Sam said...

Surely the bottom line is he might be he nicest guy in the world but not one thing on his list of credits points to him being anything other than a Muslim mouthpiece?
His charity stops where Muslim causes end. His butcher shops cater for Muslims, he's on the MCB and he belongs to the Muslim Wing of the Lib Dems for "islamic affairs" whatever that means.
The man is hardly inclusive in his interests or his priorities.
Actually he's ideal for he single issue focus group mentality of the Lib Dems, they cant think of more than one hing a a time either, but what use would he be to the indigenous population as Mayor? He's simply not inclusive enough, you might even say he's a bit racist?

Anonymous said...

Seems Abdul Malik is involved with the autonomous organisation Common Purpose which have been found using reverse discrimination to add more "diversity" into our bland and boreish British livestyles.

Im suprised noone has asked Mr Malik why he recieved the "Muslim award" from Llyods TSB. Could it be he felt entitled to the reward after all his hard work bridging the Sharia banking boundries we all know precede the Jurisprudance that condones wife beating and apostasy murders?