Wednesday, 4 April 2007

B.N.P. Councillor would rather go hungry.

I think this little post sums up nicely the link between the establishment controlled media and the Tri-Axis of Evil political parties. They just cannot conceive that there are still men of honour and integrity out in the real world.

This item was written by Adam Wolstenholme over on Dewsbury Today. This guy assumes that every councillor is corrupt. He knows nothing about the British National Party and their code of honour.

Colin Auty (Dewsbury East-see image) boycotted a meeting whose purpose was to improve the lives of his constituents because he objected to the choice of venue and the likely food on offer.
No, he was not objecting to having to attend a mosque or eat Halal meat.It was the prospect of vol-au-vents at Gomersal Park Hotel that stoked his conscience.

Coun Auty refused to join council officers, police, members of the education authority, the PCT and other councillors, because: " would be both unpalatable and hypocritical to sit dining on vol-au-vents at taxpayers' expense in Gomersal Park Hotel discussing issues of poverty, while residents are making do with beans on toast many miles away."

I never thought I'd level this accusation at the BNP, but Coun Auty's crisis of conscience strikes me as a very clear case of political correctness gone mad.

For a journalist, Adam sounds pretty dumb to me. He should be asking the Council why they were holding a meeting at Gomersal Park Hotel in the first place.

Councillor Auty we salute you.


Felicity said...

Mr Wolstenholme like many journalists and assorted hangers on is probably not averse to the odd junket at the public expense.
I dont call the councillor "politically correct" I think he may have a very rare case of principles, not seen in politics since the 1920's.
What these council wallahs really should remember is that every vol au vent shoved down their well moistened throats is paid by US, the taxpayer, and we've noticed they aren't spending OUR money in ways WE see fit.
Well done Mr Auty for reminding us.

Speaking of councils and thinking of votes (as you do) there is very interesting data on godhelpbritain, GA.
It concerns the votes in high Muslim areas. Very interesting indeed.

Felicity said...

there you go GA.

The Green Arrow said...

OK thanks for that Felicity. Tomorrow my first post of the day will be highlighting that site and posting the names of the Dhimmi politicians.
Thank you for the link and the nudge:)

Anonymous said...

Much as I agree that most journalists have a hidden agenda, at least no one cna criticise the BNP councillor for his action. On this occasion, it just highlights the type of people we have in the BNP, ie those who do not want to stick their heads in the swill bucket with the rest of the other self servers.