Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Please, please help.

This morning, just after dawn, the Blair Gestapo burst into the home of one of the British National Party candidates, imprisoned him and questioned him for over four and half hours whilst anxious friends and supporters waited outside in the early morning cold.

This is not happening in Russia, China or North Korea. This is happening in North Wales, the area where the Mad Traffic Mullah Brunstrom stamps on the faces of not just the people of North Wales but also his own Police Force who hate him with a vengeance.

Acting presumably on orders from above he carried out his instructions-just following orders.

Read the story here at the B.N.P. site. Now comes the begging bit. The British National Party needs £5,000 to teach this jackal a lesson. The Chairman of the B.N.P. writes:-

"I'm asking every BNP website reader who is angry at the way the crank police chief Brunstrom is persecuting Dallus Weaver to do something about it by making a credit card donation NOW to the BNP campaign for seats in the Welsh Assembly. Together, let's ruin the Traffic Mullah's day, and give Tony Blair the most fitting 'leaving present' possible if he retires as predicted immediately after this election - BNP Members on the Welsh Assembly! Thank you all."

You can read the rest of the post here, also on the B.N.P. site. There is also a link to a page where you can make a donation. Every penny, every cent, even every euro helps.

More information on the Welsh Assembly Elections here.

Please. Donate, donate and then donate again.


Biby Cletus said...

well its an excellent post you have here on B.N.P., i really enjoyed reading it, will be back soon.Do keep up the good work

regards Biby - Blog

Helena said...

I've sent that link to some American bloggers, they should know the state of Blair's police state Britain where political dissadents are harassed and intimidated by government hatchet men posing as police officers.

One annoying thing is the BNP hasn't a Pay pal account on its site. Much more convenient to donate. They'll have to wait for a cheque to clear now.

The Green Arrow said...

Helena, not so long ago, I had everything and then some real bad things happened over a couple of years and I lost everything. Marriage, home, business, bereavement. I thought there was no end. It is only now my life is returning to normal but it grieves me to think that just a short while ago I could have paid what they need out my back pocket. I have learned now not to take anything for granted.
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Helena,

Are you really surprised that there is no pay pal facility on the BNP site? If TB’s corrupt cronies can get to the Police, how much easier to put pressure on pay pal not to allow the party to use their system.

The best way to annoy TB, and his mates, is to get out on the doorsteps and win votes.

Chris Hill

shieldwall said...

I shall definitely make a donation GA,always have paid into the BNP coffers through membership and other donations etc..,money well spent as far as I am concerned.

Helena said...

Well you've bounced back GA and doing your bit for the cause despite setbacks. I'm glad you're the "old school" Brit, cant keep a good man down for long.
Thanks for that Chris, I never really thought of dirty tricks. I've just found an old story that some Lefties tried to intimidate PayPal about the BNP.
I wish I could give them the whole £5,000 because it would be money well spent, but its a widows mite I'm afraid.
This truly is the peoples party with supporters digging deep. I hope they raise enough. Its a bad time (well calculated by the KGB in the Welsh police)as people are donating like mad for the elections in May and since Mr Griffin is relying on ordinary people he doesn't have big business backers or rich Asian businessmen shelling out.

The Green Arrow said...

Well done Shieldwall. Expected no less from you.

That is why they cannot win. The real Brits do bounce back.

Good Luck and keep doing your patrol around the blogs leaving comments. It inspires the troops.

Helena said...

Lol! imagine what I could do if I could type with TWO hands! LOL!