Thursday, 12 April 2007

Mulsim models new bathing outfit

Another day. Another article but more importantly another day closer to May 3rd. - B.N.P. Day.

In adversity the British have always retained a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at the antics of the enemy. Well for me an endless source of amusement is to be found in the virtual pages of Asian Image. Browse it sometime.

On the left you see an image of Ms Maryam Ramzy who is modeling the latest swim wear for Islamic women. Maryam is hoping to train to be a life-guard and has decided to speak out after the business of another Muslim woman taking a sauna and and then a swim whilst wearing a full-length robe and headscarf. You can read that story here.

As usual, at the end of the article there are going to be certain other requirements that will probably cost the rate payers of Cowley more money. These include new windows and individual changing cubicles.

If I was a citizen of Crowley I am afraid I would have to dispense with my daily swim on hygiene grounds. I think I would also prefer my lifeguard to look like the one on the right. But thats just me.

Whilst over on Asian Images, I chanced to drop into the letters page. An interesting area it is indeed. I quite liked the two following for different reasons. You may provide the comments.

Are you so sure?

Sarvat Jabeen Khan might think we are not going to be kicked out but how can she be so sure? With things going as they are can we really be so confident? I think not. I agree however that there is nowhere for us to go if the unthinkable happens.

Mrs G Younis Preston

Who is really to to blame?

If people want to integrate then they should make sure they don't move out.Jack Straw says Asian people need to integrate then why do non-Asians move out of inner-city areas? Also when a house comes up for sale in a predominently Asian area why doesn't a non-Asian buy it?

Aftab Hussain, Nelson

So if you would like a return to the old days when people wore swimming costumes and you could see just who you were talking to to. Then you should consider voting for the British National Party on May 3rd.


Anonymous said...

You are a cretin of the highest order. Get a life, grow a brain, just do something constructive. You moron.

The Green Arrow said...

OK Anon. You got me there. I will close the blog up - there is no arguing with that kind of logic.
Thanks for that clear and concise comment.

Felicity said...

Lefties are so succinct and articulate, not to mention downright macho (the women that is) that you have no choice but to listen to them.
Forgive my language GA its been a long time coming....Bugger off anon go help an illegal fill in a claim form....or get someone literate help you do it!

Celtic Morning said...

I have no problem with people who wish to live like an Asian . Go back to Asia . If I wanted to live as an Asian I would go with you but I dont . I want to live as a British citizen in Britain , as me ancestors did before me. I dont want to be " enriched ." I dont want to support men with many wives and countless kids .I have yet to hear an African politician complain that when he looks out over his parliament he sees a sea of black faces . Likewise any Asian politician . No , its only western morons , traitors to their people , who complain of " a sea of white faces " . It seems that ethnic cleansing is to be condemned - unless its practiced on western civilisation with Eurabia coming into being before our very eyes .You want to wear dark age garments ? Practice dark age cutoms ? Fine . Return to a dark ages country and just get off our backs .I know that GA wont worry at all over the comments of "anon " , he's made of much sterner stuff .