Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Parking bailiffs may win right to enter homes

When you go to vote in your local Council elections on May 3rd. Think about the sort of council you already have.

A council bloated with unnecessary staff whilst cutting down on rubbish collection? A council that raises rates to improve the pension funds of the swollen leeches feeding of the rate payers?

Are they a council that will do this to ensure that the money keeps rolling in despite the hardship it might cause? So long as they can can continue to claim huge expenses and salary's? You and your children can starve for all they care.

More than a million motorists a year face having bailiffs force their way into their homes to collect unpaid parking fines under legislation before MPs.

Action could be taken even when the motorist is unaware that a ticket has been issued or that the debt has been pursued through the civil courts.

By unaware - they mean stolen. So not only do you suffer the loss of your vehicle and perhaps job because you cannot get to work. You will now perhaps suffer the forced entry into your home in your absence for the scabs of the parasites that feed of us to steal your possessions.

Remember this article when you vote on May 3rd and remember that it is a Labour Government bringing this law in.

The same government that lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction that is getting our young men and women killed almost daily. A Government that will one day be brought to justice for their crimes against the British People.

Remember there is only one party that believes you to be a human being and not a creature to be exploited. Remember their name on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day and vote British National Party.


last man standing said...

Can anyone who is reasonably sound in mind believe this is happening, along with wanting to enter peoples homes and take photos for increased taxation, and placing spy's in bins??. The policy makers are barmy loopy deranged, and those who put up with them even more so. No wonder Tone & Co are eager to kill off the pensioners, they are about the only ones who realise how mental this country has become, because if you grew up in a time before madness became the norm, (which many of todays youngsters have not), then you have something to measure sanity by. Our party needs to make a pledge to the country that things will change when they get power, and that those who thought these things up will be brought to account. Now there's a pre election promise I would vote for!

The Green Arrow said...

lastmanstand. I had never thought of it that way about the older generation. The ones that fought a war, like my parents. A pity they have to see the "Brave New World" the politicians have created out of the peace they won for us.