Sunday, 29 April 2007

Pair sent to prison for race hate calls

The political prisoner Kevin Hughes, a BNP member who was foolish enough to get into a verbal dust up with one of Great Britain's new elite - an asylum seeker was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment and currently resides in H.M.P. Featherstone on a trumped up charge. Read the details here.

Now compare that sentence with the derisory ones handed out to two Asian men who threatened an old age pensioner with death. Attempted to extort money from him and generally made the Jewish victims life hell.

Whilst not doing that, they were phoning public houses and threatening bomb attacks and then returning to persecute their aged victim with the following comments.

'Speak you Jew bastard'.

They included obscenities such as: 'Is that the Jew house?' and

'Did Hitler kill your grandad?'

"This is Pakistani Pride. Hitler killed your grandad. Dirty, smelly Jew," and "Get out of Lebanon and Palestine because that is the way to survive."

The pair also called the Roseball Pub in Shipley. Bradford, on August 17. They said there was a bomb in the pub and told the licensee: 'This is our country, you white bastard'.

You can read more of the daring duos heroic exploits here.

What prison sentence did they get? Well they did say sorry so they were each given twelve months. British Justice. Unbeatable.

If you want to see Justice return then you must vote for the British National Party on May 3rd. Show them whose Country it really is.


Anonymous said...

Hi I just popped over to say that
After getting Harrassed and having had intimidation treatment by Black information link I shut down my site and then re-opened it but now it is called W.I.N.K White Information Link.
So can you now change it from English Rose although you can keep it because it is still the name I am using.
Just so you know
Take care x

Anonymous said...

Yeah I phoned the police today and they put me onto this thing on the internet and I reported them for incitement to racial hatred because with me on their site it is bring every Tom Dick and Harry onto my site and it only takes a Muslim with a little know how and they could find out where I live and everything.
I have taken the banner off for the moment. Try visiting again to see if it was the banner.
Take care xx

Anonymous said...

They dont like women with spirit these guys,do they?
It isn't in their murderous handbook so apart from the usual foul mouthed threats etc. they get lost.
Anyway, re the story on these two Pakistani Pride (sic) heroes why didn't the National News pick it up?
Too near the elections I suppose.
Never mind, the fact it appeared at all will help local waverers.