Sunday, 8 April 2007

What if there is no BNP Candidate?

The day has finally arrived. It is B.N.P. Day, May 3rd. Elections are taking place all over, so why are you despondent. Aarrgh. Your area could not organised quick enough to put forward a candidate who cares about your community. A British National Party Candidate. Oh well a lesson learnt. But what now. Well you can do no less then take heed of this advice from The World According to Charlie from where I have lifted the following.


While we all understand the need to concentrate our efforts at the forthcoming General Election on our best 100-or-so seats, we also know that that members and supporters in other constituencies will be disappointed at the idea of not being able to make their pro-BNP voice heard on election night.

But, fortunately, you don't have to have a BNP candidate to send your MP and other top political figures in the area a clear message of exactly what you think of them and the mess they've made of our poor country.
It is entirely legal to 'spoil' your ballot paper by writing 'BNP' right the way across it (don't put it in any particular box or it might be taken as a vote for whichever old party failure it applies to).

At the election count, all such spoilt ballots are seen by the counting agents, then put to one side and shown by the Returning Officer to all the candidates and their agents.

Last election there was one newspaper story about how the other politicians in one small ward alone were 'shocked' to find that a record number of spoilt ballot papers included more than one hundred with BNP written across them.

So if you are in a constituency where there isn't a BNP candidate this time around, tell everyone you know that they should still turn up on polling day, spoil their ballots, and show all the other politicians that there is a growing undercurrent of British National Party support.

It costs nothing except a couple of minutes and it serves notice on them

BNP - our time is coming! Thanks

Thanks for that Charlie. Whilst here, can I draw readers attention to the Vote Freedom forum that has started to take off big time. If you are currently a B.N.P. supporter you should contribute on it and if you are a possible voter then please visit and browse the site. Hopefully you will read something that may make you realise that the British National Party is the only hope for the future that we have in Our Country.

One other thing. As pointed out by Felicity. If you have a call from a telephone canvaser then keep them talking for as long as possible. Even though you will have to listen to them spout a load of lies and nonsense, just think of the money it is costing them to waste your time and their breath and how you are keeping them from talking to a possible swing voter. Every bit helps.

"The future doesn't belong to the faint-hearted. It belongs to the brave."

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