Saturday, 28 April 2007

The attack of the Killer Sheep

I find it truly amazing sometimes at the density of our opposition. Being attacked by these people is similar to being attacked by sheep. Dead sheep.

In the article Swansea - A City enhanced by Immigrants I wrote about the following:

  • Trevor Phillips of the CRE stating that the B.N.P. were "less than human"
  • Rhodri Morgan, Chief Cretin of the Welsh assembly preferring to go golfing than Commemorate the Normandy landings.
  • Pointing out the Speech by Lord Ellis-Thomas in which he referred to the Welsh as "hideously white"
I ended the article by writing the following

Well the political wheel is turning and one day the people who have brought Our Country to its knees will pay and by then let us hope that Capital punishment has been restored.

Well that was enough to make the fearless class warrior of the UAF and Plaid dump in their pants. Their blogs screamed the following.

BNP Election Pledge - "Plaid to hang if we win power"

Turnip Ted Jones had this to say:

The threat to execute members of Plaid Cymru in a BNP blog is not an idle threat. This is what these people will do if they assume power. Whilst some members of the London political class might snigger at such a prospect – this is a very serious threat which all democratic political parties need to unite to combat and to build a consensus to ensure that fascism has no place in Wales.

And the Kirklees Clown piped in with:

What this BNP activist is effectively saying is that if they ever win power they will re-introduce capital punishment and execute those who do not share their fascist bigotry.

Well readers, go check out the original post and their sad responses. Do they think that the readers of their blogs are unable to click on a link and read the truth?

Both these Dhimmi Clowns rate a MITGAD (Mentioned in The Green Arrows Dispatches).

Vote for the British National Party on May 3rd - a return to Sanity.

Please note. No sheep were injured in the creation of this post.


Felicity said...

Just as well they cant read thoughts, I had something less humane in mind involving sheep dip, a knitting needle and a WW2 Tommy helmet.

Hysterical lttle lot aren't they now desperately clutching at straws.

celtic morning said...

Obviously you have a great ability to touch a nerve GA , and, as the actress said to the bishop , " I dont know how you do it but keep on doing it . " There's a long way to go but we will win in the end whatever the cost .The tide is turning and will soon run fast for us and all we believe in . And remember , sheep , a much maligned animal , are known to follow the leader and a small movement quickly becomes a stampede . The sheep who condemn us today will rally behind us when we begin to put the country to right .

The Green Arrow said...

Good Morning Celtic. I hope you have a pleasant weekend.

We will know we are really winning, when existing Councillors start to desert their posts and cross the lines to the B.N.P. trenches.

They will put their greed for money before their principles and betray their parties for their own ends.

And we must accept them if we are to win. Unpalatable as that sounds.

Anonymous said...

Is dreaming of hanging Plaid the same as a "hate crime"?
Surely not, I dream of lottery wins, a model on my arm and hanging Plaid regularly.
Its a pleasant but harmless fantasy.
very touchy arent they, scared almost?

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, how ridiculous a response from someone who is so obviously extreme in his own view that he judges everyone else's comments and humour by his own standard. It really is fast becoming a society where no one will be able to say anything even in jest for fear of alerting the thought police!