Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Welsh Assembly - Nick Bourne

Interesting thing about Nick Bourne, Leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly. Back in 2003 he made a speech about Britain being "swamped" by asylum seekers and yet he attacks the B.N.P. for saying the same thing. Nick Bourne (pictured left) is sometimes referred to as the Pink Doughnut.

You see, in their hearts the Tri-Axis politicians know the truth, it is just they would rather have the money then their honour.

Nick is currently under investigation by the Commissioner For Standards for making the following comments back in February.

”..the BNP, a nasty, mean, distasteful and grubby bunch of sub-human flotsam and jetsam who we need to ensure do not prosper from the democratic process.” and,

”. so long as the BNP act within the law ( and they often do not )……”

However if you are one of the many complainants about this mans obnoxious statements, do not expect an early reply, should you enquire as to how the investigation is going. You can expect something like this:-


Thank you for your e-mail below. The investigation into this complaint is still on-going. We will contact you to let you know the outcome once the Commissioner for Standards has concluded his preliminary investigation.


Gareth Rogers
Pennaeth y Swyddfa Gyflwyno / Head of the Table Office
Gwasanaeth Seneddol y Cynulliad/Assembly Parliamentary Service
Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru / National Assembly for Wales

(029) 2089 8210 : gareth.rogers@wales.gsi.gov.uk

Wonder what the chances are of people getting a reply before the elections?

Vote British National Party on May 3rd - for the start of the restoration of British Justice.


Lois said...


While these pigs feed at the trough in Westminster and Europe our farmers are gouing to the wall. The above is a heartbreaking stoy of a farmer who could earn more from the spring water his cows drink if he bottled it instead of letting the cows recycle it into cheap milk.
His committment to the land and animals is what stops him giving up.
This is the EU and its quotas in action.
Vote BNP to save our food supply.

Derfel said...


The BBC have banned one of the BNP Welsh radio broadcasts because it criticises a Chief Constable not doing his job very well.
We have a duty to put it around the internet.

Anonymous said...

I already have, comrade!

celtic morning said...

Well done Mr. Fister , let the world know of the "free " country we live in . But Comrade ? Leave that to the labour/commies please . We are the British family . Call me Brother , not comrade , they know where they can stick their red flag .

Anonymous said...

Mr Fister is a bloody Communist!

Check his blog. The bastard is laughing at us!


roundhead said...

Mr Fister seems to have an infantile obsession with bodily functions. With that level of sophistication, his blog really isn't worth reading.

The Green Arrow said...

Well said Roundhead. I checked his toilet of a blog out and soon realised he was a care in the community case.

Not worth a visit even for a laugh. Nothing funny in taunting a mentally retarded turnip.

Anonymous said...

Sure has got you nervous though, hasn't it?

roundhead said...

Mr Fister, I'd feel very nervous if you sat next to me on the train since you clearly shouldn't be out unsupervised. Your potty-mouthed blog though is just childish and of no interest to grown-ups.

Anonymous said...
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