Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Shame of the Senior Service.

As an ex-Royal Navy Radio Operator of 12 years, I find this difficult to write but I must. I am ashamed by the actions of the Sailors and Royal marines who were guests of the Iranian government.

There are enough articles in the press and on the news channels for you to see how the captured servicemen betrayed, first themselves, then their service and then their country. The officer who commanded these people should face a Court Martial or perhaps sit in a locked library and consider his options.

The day these people were released was also the day six of their comrades died in Iraq. For them there will be no crowds to welcome them back. No, they will come home covered by their Country's Flag - not covered in shame.

The image above is of a nobler time when our Servicemen knew their duty and knew how to act and if necessary die like men. That is my Royal Navy. Read about H.M.S. Amethyst and The Yangtze Incident here.

What a difference between Lieutenant Commander Bernard Skinner, H.M.S. Amethyst's Commanding officer. Wounded in the initial attack and dying from his injuries a day later to this man, Lt Felix Carman R.N. who is quoted as saying.

"a general consensus emerged that they would talk, and, to some extent, go along with their captors".

Only the British National Party will restore our Royal Navy to its original glory and replace the current crop of political officers with real men. If you are a servicemen disgusted with your comrades actions then you must support the only political party that will really support you.


Celtic Morning said...

A far cry from the heroes of Nelsons navy !! The behaviour of the female speaks volumes against their inclusion aboard ship and the lad who cried like a baby did so because thats all he plainly is - a baby . I remember in the Falkland war one ships cook complaining that he didnt join the navy to fight a war and maybe that is now how most of our mariners approach their careers . Is it time for us to face up to the fact that our days of glory are long gone and behave accordingly ? We are in desperate need of politicians to turn our country around and put us on the path ,not of former glories , they are gone forever , but at least take us toward being once again a sensible , responsible , proud nation capable of looking after our own interests with high standards of personal behaviour. Thank God for our brave soldiers who behave with honour in spite of our political traitors .

fido said...

Well aside from the behavious of the naval people, the reaction of the government was even worse.

We had inaction, lots of fluff and no direct threat to Iran. The EU also did nothing, no threat to cut off trade.

Now they get told they can talk to the media, then told they can not. Des Brown(with an e) has not got a damn clue what he is doing.

In a way with such inept leadership - and I use the word lightly in Brown(with an e)s case, no wonder the naval staff did not know how to react.

In short a complete clusterfuck from start to finish.

Felicity said...

It certainly wasn't our finest hour and a sharp lesson on NOT putting women in the front line.
Turney did more to prove that obvious fact any old crusty General harrumphing in a Tory Club about "Bloody, damn, females".
The calibre isn't there from the population raised on compensation culture contempt for patriotism and "can I make a buck"?
Screening has to be better too...are they all for example like Pvt. Gentles from Scotland, too immature and foolish to know what he's signing up for?
This is actually no reflection on Mr Gentles. I'm only going on what his mother keeps telling us about him as she pops up at every rentaquote against the army.
He may have been a brave and intelligent man filled wih patriotism...its his mother who says otherwise.
The population is fat and lazy and looking for excuses, they aren't the stock that got on with it and kept the home fires burning, this is a culture reared on benefits and grievances real or imagined.
All thanks to the Left. There is no escaping their malignant influence on Defence, Security and National Pride.
Donkeys led by Asses is perhaps a more fitting description for our ultra feminised time than the older more famous quote.

The Green Arrow said...

I was 15 when I joined H.M.S. Ganges and stood in front of the photo of Boy Seaman Cornwell who won a V.C. at age 16.

My first Captain, was Godfrey Plaice. Another V.C. Those were my heroes at 15 when I joined the Royal Navy.