Sunday, 8 April 2007

The B.N.P. in Scotland

Some of you might remember a previous Green Arrow post, in which members of the Labour Party in Eastwood Today called for a ban on the British National Party but asked for their names not to be revealed. How is one to know these people even exist except in the mind of the biased reporter?

Well the Trade Unions also have the same kind of heroic freedom fighters battling for them. We are told this in the Scotsman. You have to register to leave comments but it only takes a second. You should see some names you know. Go on take a trip to Scotland and help out the Brave Hearts.

A senior official of the union, Unison, said this was an attempt by the BNP to appear "more Scottish" to the electorate.

The official, who asked to remain anonymous, added:

"People can see the BNP for what they are ... it is precisely why
they are having to 'import' people from down south, because they do not
have the support necessary here.

"It does not surprise me that they are doing this, because they are topping up their electoral list so they qualify for the TV time. "These people have no chance of winning and they know that, but they are just here to make up the numbers."

Does this senior official exist? Well lets assume he does but what does it say about him as a man? He is supposed to be a senior official of a Trade Union. Does he have no backbone? Is even British? Do not the members of the Union even have the right to know the name of the person who speaks for them - regardless of their true wishes.

When the left knows that they are unable to attack the B.N.P. polices because in their hearts they know them to be the truth, it is then they start to scream "Ban Them", "Smash Them", "Show them the pavement" and then they turn to actual mob violence. Criminal thugs, who like the dinasoars have had their day.

Another example of the heroism of the left is to be found here. "BNP fears force group to cancel. Run Away."

Good Luck to Scotland the Brave on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day.


Helena said...

Leon from the safey of Hong Kong has been spanked by Frankie D (Scotsman)
The same old same old arguments presented by daft Liberals.
Scotland though will be difficult, the old Red Clydesider mentality is hard to shift.

tapman said...

thank you green arrow for your
support of the scottish campaign.
i can assure all your readers that our campaign is gaining momentum every day and that we are not here to make up the numbers.
the b n p are now a real force in scotland and the s n p are scared shitless of our advances into their strongholds ,the lies and smears are coming thick and strong now but we will hold fast till the end and see these traitors fall.
good wishes to you all proud patriots .