Wednesday, 11 April 2007

NUT throw away their independence

Now we of the thinking fraternity have been concerned with not only the low educational standards of some of the people who teach our young, but also their political affiliations.

So it is disappointing but not surprising to read that the NUT Conference as passed a motion calling for a political fund despite the arguments this as caused in the past.

You may find some of the Unions ideas of independence and impartiality unusual when you read Jerry Glazier, speaking on behalf of the executive say:

“Our union jealously guards our independence from any political party.

“But without a political fund we cannot, by law, say don’t vote for the BNP.”

Or when Betty Joseph adds:

“A political fund will mean that we can actively campaign against academies and against groups like the British National Party when they stand in elections.”

It would seem that the NUT would rather play at politics then educate our young and prepare them for the future. If I was a teacher who believed in democracy and freedom of speech, I would be clicking on Solidarity and finding out more about a real Trade Union that values those qualities.


Baljeet Ghale, the first ethnic minority president of the National Union of Teachers, believes that ordering schools to teach "British values" merely incites racism.

Well she would say that wouldn't she.

If you would prefer that your children learn how to read rather then about Karl Marx then vote for the British National Party on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day.

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solidarityforever said...

This is just a concealed way of providing financial assistance to the Labour Party. The NUT bureaucrats know that if they came out and said they wanted to back Labour there would be few takers. The LP are busy cutting teachers pay with below inflation 'increases' year-on-year. So the NUT bosses say it is to oppose the BNP but who is the opposition to Labour in many disillusioned working class communities? The BNP! So by spending money attacking the BNP they can help the Party busy cutting teachers wages and cultivate their own political careers once they retire from Union work. They really are shameless.

A proud Solidarity member