Wednesday, 11 April 2007

BNP will tear down Severn Bridge Toll Gates

Fantastic news for the people of South Wales for when the B.N.P. do form a Government. They have announced they will tear down the Severn Bridge Toll-Gates.

I can tell you this, as someone who had to pay the fee of over £5.00 per day tax for living in South Wales and working in the Bristol area that it was hard and I was on an excellent salary. Read the full story here or below.

The British National Party will tear down the Severn Bridge Toll-Gates and in their place erect a monumental bronze statue of Rebecca to symbolise the right to freedom of movement in Wales, and as a reminder to all who pass, of the heritage of the Welsh people, a party spokesperson said today.

“The Severn Bridge, the gateway to Wales, should be a national asset, not a private commercial venture. In the 19th century, toll-gates in Wales were torn down in the Rebecca riots, by groups of defiant Welsh workers.

"The modern day imposition of 21st century toll-gates is a tax on the freedom of movement, and is an insult to Wales and to the memory of the struggle for social justice in Wales. We are committed to ensuring free crossing of the Severn Bridge on a point of principle. "

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin will launch the manifesto of Wales BNP for the Welsh Assembly in Port Talbot on of Sunday, 15th April at 3pm. There will be a live question and answer session at the launch.

The venue for the launch will be in the Port Talbot area, South Wales.

Full copies of the Wales BNP manifesto will be provided at the launch. It includes:

“BNP candidates elected to the Welsh Assembly will hold every political party and every single politician to account for their pitiful and deafening silence on the two great unmentionables of our times: The Multicultural Society and the European Union.”

The British National Party is standing a record number of 20 candidates in the regional lists for the Welsh Assembly, four in each of the five regions. Every voter in Wales will be able to vote BNP.

Silence never won rights. They are not handed down from above; they are forced by pressures from below.


Helena said...

These are the marvellous sensible policies that never see the press reports on the "Far Right Nazi Party"
Their policies on Peak Oil, Rural issues and Farming are also excellent. Their pro indigenous people stand is just the icing on the cake.
The BNP are the party of the Environment (before Dave hijacked it) and the working man trying to feed his family wholesomely and without tolls because he has to "get on his bike" or in his car to travel to work.

Celtic Morning said...

A monumental bronze statue of Rebecca ! What a great idea . A symbol of a vibrant and once more politically active and aware Wales . We have slept for too long . The north east has its Angel of the North , something of a rusty relic , perhaps symbolic of what New Labour has done to this once industrial heartland of Britain , reduced it to a jobless wasteland . Rebecca would stand as a monument to the day when socialism was cast aside by a Welsh public ,at last awakened to what the Labour party has done for to its once loyal supporters . Ruined our communities with job losses and the creation of a social underclass reliant on drugs and social security . Rebecca could stand for the policies which would regenerate Wales and bring those of its youth , currently lost in hopelessness , back to pride and responsibility by offering them a way out of their deprived and often depraved , life styles .
During the years of the pre war depression , the then Prince of Wales visited Merthyr and ,appalled at the squalor and poverty said " Something must be done . " It must be said that not a lot was done ! Now , the BNP are saying "Something must be done . " Lets hope the people of Wales give them that chance at next months elections . Build the great monument , let the spirit of Rebecca inspire the country - it could spread its influence far afield and serve to inspire the rest of Britain to follow suit . We have the leader to do the job , Nick Griffin , todays true "man of the people " the only politician capable of taking over that old and honoured title once bestowed on Lloyd George .

Last man standing said...

I am so proud of the BNP, well done for celebrating Wales' history of rebelling against oppression....... now I wonder what Plaid Islam would be putting up had they thought of commemorating a Wales that has for far too long been dormant, how about a nice statue of that other great Welsh cultural hero, Saladin! lol

Green Arrow said...

I remember reading years ago the books by Alexander Cordell. Rape of the Fair country, Hosts of Rebecca. Good stuff. There is a pub on the way into Abergavenny from Blaenavon called Cordell Country in the area where the books are set.

Celtic Morning said...

Have you seen Rhodri Morgan with his new hair style ? Looks like a perm to me . Almost makes him look civilised - but he's left it too late for that and doesnt fool anyone anymore . As for the symbol Plaid would erect at the Severn Bridge , they would probably go for the two huge swords Sadam used to have in Baghdad , they could probably pick them up at scrap value which would suit their second hand party down to the ground .Cordell's "Rape of the Fair Country " - great stuff , his later work never equalled it though " Hosts of Rebecca " was also pretty good . Still available from The Big Pit Museum , Blaenavon I believe , I expect they have a web site .

The Green Arrow said...

celtic, I actually went down Pig Pit in three piece suit when I had finished work early one day and decided to call in. I had my photo taken then at the top with the helmet and shovel. The Pit Head Baths is an excellent little museum of mining. I know the area very well. Strange place Blaenavon, especially Forge Side.

Celtic Morning said...

GA . I went down Big Pit many years ago , impressive . My Dad went down a Rhondda pit all his life and the industry claimed him in the end along with several others of my family . Tough times . He worked hard to establish the Labour Party in its early years and worked as an activist all his life . They were the days when the party had a soul and principles , long since gone ,and even Dad was disillusioned in the end to see his beloved welfare state quickly abused by scroungers and workshy crooks and when Labour councillors showed their corruption as in the case of planning fiddles , bloated expense claims etc , it must have been like a knife between the shoulder blades . His old party had sold its soul and disappeared . Born out of necessity it died of corruption and what we see now is its ghost , haunting our country and creating evil . The BNP has been born out on neccessity - the need to rescue our nation and save it from the mess created by political traitors of the last sixty years .It carries the last desperate hope that we will be able to save ourselves and our national identity . While many in the old mining valleys still cling to Labour , " because I always voted Labour " the ties are not so strong as they were and the sons and grandsons of the old miners should ask themselves if those men would be voting for Labour if they were still alive . They were more politically active and the answer would be no . Vote for Blair and his corrupt kind ? Never in a million years . Rally behind the symbol of Rebecca and sweep these treacherous crooks into oblivion .

The Green Arrow said...

My mother, 82, ripped her Labour Party card up a couple of years ago. She is now a B.N.P. supporter with no involvement from myself. She as always been politically aware.

In her day we would have all been communists up in the Valleys. Things were hard then.

When this election is over we can all have a beer at the RWB.

The Green Arrow said...

I have cut the following comment from the UK Debate forums posted by JohnOfGwent as I thought it rather good.

"Roy Hughes (the constituency MP for Newport East in ther days when the seat wasn't awarded as a prize to the most deserving blairite) campaigned tirelessly for the dumping of this tax for decades. And the Welsh Windbag Kinnock's response ? We've got more important things to do. And the Welsh Windbag's first act as Transport Commissioner ? To put fscking VAT on the bridge toll to increase the tax take.

That well known lover of the Anti-Apartheid Movement and digger up of Rugby Pitches Peter Hain, before being chucked the Ireland Poison Chalice, declared that it was the party intention to impose a 40mph speed limit on the M4 so as to force motorists to pay to drive on the new motorway they planned to construct through god knows how many SSI's.

Even though the dropping of the Skye Bridge Toll was one of the most popular acts of the Scottish Parliament, not even the Provisional Wing of the Cottage Burners Party (come home to a real fire care of Cymdeithas Yr Ieath Cymraeg the Cottage Burning Wing Of Plaid Cymru) have the slightest interest in removing that tax - because so few welsh speakers pay it. If you doubt me check out hat they have said about road pricing "We need road pricing in south east wales but nowhere else".

The interesting thing is, at the same time that Maggie's lot were hyping up the policy of charging tolls for estuarial crossings, they were happiny constructing a bridge over the tidal, estuarial river AVON just a few miles away, which is free. Which shows the two-faced nature of politicians, but little else.