Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Muslim stands for Christian party

It as been announced that a Moslem candidate is to stand in the forthcoming Holyrood election for a new Christian party.

What the announcement does not say, is whether or not Abdul Dean who will fight the Glasgow regional seat for the Christian Peoples Alliance Party on May 3 has converted to Christianity and thus become an apostate or whether he remains a member of the Cult of Mohammed.

If he has not converted to Christianity, then the question must be asked. Were there no True Christians available to stand?

If you want a return to sanity then vote for the British National Party on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day.


MrSmith said...

Is it possible they were too busy minimising their 'footprint' upon the earth?

Helena said...

I've been phoning them all morning to reply!
Shall keep you posted

Helena said...

Abdul Razoul Dean has been an independent councillor for Govn for a long time. He is "taking Flak " from muslims for supporting the Christian Party but remains unrepentent about upholding the Christian values that have allowed him to practice his faith freely.

Seems a good enough bloke he's been around for a while campaigning hard for community issues for the whole area. The SNP and the SSP obviously tried to lure him away but he'd rather work/(infiltrate?) the Christian Party.
Why is an otherwise nice story so utterly depressing?