Monday, 16 April 2007

The Mosque of the Red Death

The evil spider of Lal Masjid (Red Mosque), Maulana Abdul Aziz, in Islamabad is pushing the Pakistani government yet again.

This time he has given the authorities just one month to eliminate, gambling dens, video shops, music shops and brothels or he would release his suicide bombers onto the streets and start the killings.

Again the religion of peace begins with the lie to the face:

“Our movement is peaceful," he said.

"The government too should stay calm. We've warned the government that if it ever tried to suppress us by force, thousands of students of Islamic seminaries (or madrassas) will retaliate with suicide attacks and they would never be able to control them," said Aziz.

The cleric also announced that a Sharia or Islamic court will be established by the mosque, made up of ten religious scholars who will decide disputes and give their verdict in accordance with Islamic law.

Naturally enough, this Taliban-style activity has caused outrage among human rights groups and the "forced" Muslims in Pakistan who have said that the madrassas are harassing ordinary people in the name of Islam. No surprise there. It's what they do.

Go read what the Black Daleks of Death have done in support of the Red Mosque. You can get an idea from the image above but you can read about their crazy antics here.

Why should be concerned about the actions of the disciples of the dead paedophile in another land?

Because if they get control of the reins of power in Pakistan then the world can really look out. Pakistan has the bomb and some of those crazies think they have hot dates with 72 virgins instead of hell.

Finishing on a a slightly brighter note, the Cat has provided us with a link on how the west is finally starting to fight back.

By now, unless you are entirely stupid or one of the the walking dead zombies of the cult of the dead paedophile you have seen the future under Islam and Sharia Law.

The choice is yours on May 3rd. Freedom or Dhimmitude. British National Party or what?

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