Monday, 2 April 2007

Freedom of Speech and the B.B.C.

Answering a call from a fellow campaigner to join him in fighting for democracy on the B.B.C Wales forums, Green Arrow saddled up and joined the Crusade to pick up the flag of democracy in the forums.

I duly registered and entered what appeared to be a very stagnant pool. I soon discovered why.

I introduced myself with the following posting:

Subject: New BNP Supporter

Hi Guys,

I have joined this forum to put forward the policies of the British National Party and to defend them where necessary. I have been involved in Nationalist polices since 1976 and whilst I am proud to be Welsh, I am also proud to be British. My blog is at The Home Of The Green Arrow.

Good Luck to the BNP in May.


However they seem to think I sent this:-

Sieg Heil,

I have invaded this forum with the sole purpose of exterminating all opponents of the glorious third reich. I have been a Nazi since the fall of Berlin and whilst I am proud to be white, I am prouder to be a Fascist.

Good Luck to the SS in Annexing Wales in May

Heil Hitler
Der Sturmer or something like that.


Because the BBC send back:-

Dear BBC Community member,

Thank you for contributing to a BBC community site. Unfortunately we've had to remove your content below because it contravened one of the House Rules. Your message is off-topic for this particular message board or online community. You may be able to repost your message on one of the other BBC message boards, in a more relevant topic area.

You can find a full list of BBC message boards here, PLEASE NOTE: Elections for the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and local government in England and Scotland take place on May 3rd 2007.

Special House Rules are in place in the run up to these elections. In addition to the existing House Rules you must:
*Declare if you are a candidate
*Discuss the issues, not the personalities
*No sloganeering (particularly in discussion titles)
*No campaigning

Regards the BBC Communities Team


Well there you go. Between the B.B.C. and I.C. Wales gagging me it seems that I will have to find other ways of getting the message out.


News just in at the B.N.P. site that one of our candidates was arrested in a dawn swoop by the police acting on orders of their Labour Paymasters no doubt. And I whine about being thrown off a two bit forum when real men are sat in cells.

If you want Freedom of Speech back then you must vote for the B.N.P. in May.


shieldwall said...

The post back from the BBC says it all GA,"your views are not acceptable to us so fuck off",the BBC are not what they used to be eh!.

Helena said...

Blind Bland Corporation. The BBC are very like the Muslims, incapable of allowing any views to challenge their own lest it causes a free thinker to actually think?
What kind of Religion requires a "police force" to keep the faithful in line and what sort of Publicly funded body forbids the public from expressing themselves?
Both very scared and paranoid institutions who fear the end of their dictatorship is nigh?