Friday, 27 April 2007

The ticking Timebomb of youth

There is a ticking timebomb in our schools and the ticking will get louder every week and every month and every year until eventually the timebomb explodes. And our nation will have civil war forced upon it or our children's children will go to schools like the one above.

Now, over 20% of the children in our schools are from an "ethnic minority", although why the media uses that term I have no idea. A child whose country of origin is say China, with a population of over a billion hardly seems like a minority to me.

To make matters worse, close on half a million of these children do not speak English as their first language and therefore require special schooling at our expense.

Can you imagine the cost this burden must put on Our Country's resources? Money spent on employing interpreters and foreign books is money that can no longer be spent on Our Children. Money that came from our taxes to pay for children whose parents have never contributed and are invading and occupying our country. Not with tanks and guns but with babies.

Like Cuckoos, these foreign children deprive our own offspring of the educational skills they will need in the future. The skills to provide a future for their children.

But something that never ceases to amaze me, is that for decades we have had America as an example to show what happens when racial imbalances occur in a country. We had a chance to learn, but no.

This what a cretin called Nick Johnson from the Commission for Racial Equality had to say.

The Commission for Racial Equality's director of policy said parents must stop sending their children to schools where most pupils come from similar religious or racial backgrounds.

Nick Johnson also suggested schools should be given more money to admit a racially mixed intake. He said: "We're in fear of turning into a mini-America with racially determined schools.

Did you read that? You must stop. You must stop sending your children to a school where they can play and learn amoungst their own kind.

Instead you must send them to schools where they must avert their gaze so as not to "offend" their future masters.

You must send them to a school where our young girls are told that they should not speak to young Moslem male children unless they are spoken to first.

You must send them to schools where they can be physically attacked or if female groomed for sex or told that if sexually assaulted, "forget it. It is their culture".

You can do all these things? You could also hang yourself or slash your wrists.

You can read the depressing rest of the story here.

You have a choice on May 3rd. Vote British National Party and start the recovery of Our Country or you can do nothing and let your Children grow up and do the fighting in the future civil war that will come.

So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.


Helena said...

In an ideal world the water supply would be laced with contraceptives in "enriched" areas. But sadly I dont rule the world. Just as well for some people, just as well.

In America crack addicts are paid roughly $5,000 to be chemically sterilised for 3 years at a time. This has cut down on the seagull sounding crack babies who have a miserable life.
No entry to UK without a similar "shot" should be implemented.

Anonymous said...

Unison yesterday, U.S.D.A.W today, campaigning against the BNP.
What is it about a small determined group of free men and women who scare the lights out of these Big Boys and their masters.

Anonymous said...
if only they would commit 100 million pounds to primary education in IS our money after all.
This scheme started "quietly" in 2004!