Saturday, 14 April 2007

British Forces at War: As Witnessed by an American

After the disappointing behavior of the Senior Service during the recent hostage crisis, it is truly inspiring to receive a report on how our "foot soldiers" are performing in enemy territory. Forget for a moment the illegality of the war and read about the men of "The Rifles".

The source of the information is the freelance war reporter Michael Yon and one his conditions of linking, is that only 75 words are used in a re-broadcasters introduction.

Seems fair to me - it is how this brave man earns his living. I think his feelings and concerns for the British troops shines through in his reporting. We wish him a long life and succesful career.

Indebted also to Celtic Morning and his aging veteran friend in America for submitting the information. Thank you. Here we go.

The plan for Operation Arezzo was cleverly contrived. While Americans count on helicopter support for deliberate high-intensity combat here, the Brits were going into extremely hostile terrain, outnumbered, without helicopter support, relying instead upon timing, terrain, maneuverability, firepower, and sheer audacity.

Read how the men of "The Rifles" carry out their mission here. We salute them.

My father, himself a veteran of the Normandy Landings, always said that after that experience, he always judged men by whether or not he would want them by his side in his platoon, if they were to see action.

I now use the same criteria. If I was in action then I would be proud to serve alongside the activists of the British National Party. Support the only political party that truly cares about our countries servicemen. Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd.

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