Monday, 16 April 2007

What is 'Being British'?

I just had to go and do it. I thought that is it. Enough posts for one day. Go have a game of Texas Hold'em and try and win a few dollars. But no. I had to go and visit the vipers nest, Asian Image. Well you know what that means. They are biting the hand that feeds them, again. Read this.

Would I be unpatriotic for claiming that more than general consensus around the world see being British as a means of getting p***** up to the nines in a far away land, mooning at a coach full of senior citizens, vomiting in the backstreets of a foreign nation, and after leaving a foreign cell, bitching about not having caviar after being squeezed in to a 2x2 cell with an inmate called Martha.

Well for that and a lot more thinly veiled insults from some clown called Emdad Rahman who seems amazed that we do not appreciate how great "enrichment" has been and doubts very much that We True British even have a culture. Read the rubbish here. Moving on the author writes:

We live in a society where one refers to a fellow human as f***awallah' and Poppadum' on national and international TV.

Well lets have a little think about that drinking by Our Young people. Sure, it is a terrible way to behave but we also know who to blame for their behaviour and it is not just the parents. It is the politicians and teachers of the 60's who thought that discipline and the family unit of a Mother and Father with children was wrong and so helped destroy it. But a British National Party can fix this attitude but it will take time.

Now let us have a look at the news from the last couple of days.

The Arabs have murdered a reporter because the world was not paying them enough attention.

India asked if the U.K. would be prepared to accept their abandoned girl children because Indian families prefer to have boys. Many girl babies are murdered at birth in India. Fact. And because the British people are caring, they will take the Cuckoos. But don't mention that Emdad.

Pakistan citizens start threatening to blow up Islamabad with their brain dead zombies if shops continue to sell music and C.D.'s. and those already in the U.K. disrupt the Underground by killing the people forced to use it.

Back to India. What are the Hindu's doing?

A crowd of nearly 500 Hindu villagers attacked the pastor of a house church, his wife and other church members in the southern state of Karnataka on May 1. The attackers sexually molested female church members and burned Bibles and other Christian literature.

I could go on but I think you get the point.

If the worst Our Young do in a foreign country is vomit in a back street then that country should be thankful. In the United Kingdom, our guests kill us or bleed us dry.

Vote British National Party and recover your Country and your Pride.

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Drake's Drum said...

Hi Green Arrow! I'm safe and sound, thanks for the concern. Asian Image hmmm that rag gets pushed through my door. I've been a little concerned recently as my internet cable box outside my front window has been broken into, so thought best to keep stum. More than once I have witnessed the muslims open telephone junction boxes, plug in and talk to scum in La-whore or wherever. The engineer came out today and fixed it up, it hasn't been the first time in these parts. He recommended sticking a sausage on top, cheeky Scouser. Paranoia over I'll be back. All the best in the next couple of weeks, come on the 3rd of May.All the best Drake.