Thursday, 5 April 2007

First Muslim Women elected to L.S.E.

Back last month some of you may remember that we warned you that the Muslims were planning to take over the National Union of Students leadership. At the same time their students have been instructed to get onto various boards and committees wherever possible.

The National Union of Students national conference is nearly upon us yet again. Once more the students delegates in universities will have a chance to vote for the individuals who can make the NUS into a Union which fights against racism, free education, works for peace in the middle east rather than following the American foreign policy. If you are a Muslim Delegate who will be attending the NUS Conference please ring FOSIS on 07930991950 for further information about prayer rooms, Halal places for your food and above all not to get lost.

Now I regret to inform you that they are starting to have some success:-

After two days of election campaigning at the London School of Economics (LSE), Fadhil Bakeer-Markar and Ruhana Ali were respectively elected as the LSE Student Union (SU) General Secretary and Education & Welfare Officer on March 1. The election of both candidates marks a historical turn at the LSE SU – Ali is the first British Muslim woman and Bakeer-Markar the first international Sri Lankan Muslim student to fill their elected positions. In the race for the sabbatical positions, Bakeer-Markar defeated his opponent Zoe Sullivan by 808 to 545 votes, whilst Ali outnumbered James Ketteringham by 344 votes. Bakeer-Markar is currently the International Students Executive Officer and Ali is the LSESU Union General Meeting (UGM) Vice Chair.

You can read the rest of the depressing story here.

Now we know that there are now huge numbers of overseas students that are swamping our halls of education. This means that the future of our country - our students - must work that much harder to achieve office and prevent the growth of the cancer of Islam spreading.

If you are a parent of a student who is busy enjoying his youth and unaware, then you are going to have to say, "Sorry to disturb you son but there is a problem that you should know about if you want a future".

Could I please ask all visitors to this and other British National Party support sites to give out our web addresses to anyone you can. We must awake as many of the British People as we can before May. The clock is ticking.

UPDATE - Am taking Flak - Must be over the target. Finally made it onto the crazy cults Islamophobia Watch.

Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah.


Meg said...

Is there anyone out in he world of academia noticing these things?
Is he Left Wing so devoid of any inelligence they cant see how stifled Art, Music, Philosophy Studies will be if they allow this virus to grow unchecked?

The voters in these elections were as GA says probably foreign students following the instructions of mosques and srident political Muslim groups like MPACUK.

Is it possible our students were drunk or drugged at the morning of the elections and didn't turn up to vote, or were they so brainwashed by Leftie tutors they thought voting for christmas was a good thing for turkeys to do?

Felicity said...

I'd like to congratulate you GA, but no one really bothers with Martin O'Sullivan.

Its a shame really, he posts and blogs like mad but no one even pats his head from the mosque or leaves a comment.

He's even too far down the pecking order for the girls and I to have sport with.

We decided we are committed lady Nationaliss with principles, we no more would bait O' Whattigan than tie a tenner to string and make a tramp run after it while quickening our pace in girlish glee.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, promote this vid to Christian fencesitters and say you think the beardy guy is right and you long for the day his vision becomes law.

Green Arrow said...

Oh Felicity. You have just made me roll around on the floor laughing.

If they ever come and arrest me, your comments will have made it worth while.

Never stop. Please.

Felicity said...

Not till they prise my keyboard from my cold dead hand Green Arrow!
Guides honour!