Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Korean student was campus killer

The crazy piece of shit responsible for the worst shooting rampage in US history has been identified by police as Cho Seung-Hui, a South Korean studying at Virginia Tech university.

Cho is believed to have shot dead 32 people at the university's campus in the town of Blacksburg on Monday, before turning the gun on himself.

Green Arrow has been scouring the net for more information and as just picked up this snippet. How true it is, he has no idea and so just post the information.

This from The Islamic Threat.

Just heard it on Fox News. Cho Seung-Hui left a suicide note and signed it as Ismael-X. Ismael is the Arabic for Ishmael the father of the Arabs and the one that Muhammad the founder of Islam favored above Isaac.

I will post more info on this as I get it.

Well some interesting snippets out there but nothing worth a link yet. Read that he was a "disturbed writer" according to one teacher and there was a Muslim poet named Ismael who wrote :-

I know the Truth as my supreme guide,
I would sacrifice myself in his way,
I was born yesterday, I will die today,
Come, whoever would die, here is the arena.

Then we have a guy who says the Ismael-Ax refers to Seung-Hui's on-line gaming name on Battlefield 42 and this is worth a link with a jump to another site.

Oh well you can get really lost here. Especially if your a book reader. We are getting it all. Catcher in the Rye. Moby Dick - remember the outsider Ishmael. James Fenimore Cooper, Last of the Mohicans, the gun and the ax - creation and destruction. All books we have all read - words are truly powerful things.

Back to the Islamic Theory - One guy reckons this is the answer.

And here is another guy with a load of theories that you can take your pick from.

Seems he also invoked the name of Jesus during a film he recorded and also spoke of crucifixion.

Those poor parents.

For more Five more theories you should go here.

The Islamic link will not vanish. This is from my first link.

I just heard him 'railing against chrsitianity' the mortal enemy of Islam. I am sorry, but I am getting more convinced than ever that the guy was a Muslim.

1. He signed the NBC package as A. Ishmael. Clearly choosing his Islamic name
2. He is clean shaven. Might be a coincidence you might say but his ex-roommate saw him earlier that morning at 5 AM. I was a student once and I rushed to class early. Most of the time I never shaved. This guy must have had his fajr prayers and then headed to Jihad.
3. The railing against Christians in his tape.
4. That image I just posted of him pretending to slit a throat.
5. Posting a video. Again, did the columbine guys post a video? Taking the time, in-between shootings, to send a martyr's video is right out of the Jihadi playbook.

Coincidence?! I doubt it. There is some Islamic connection there and an ideological motive.


Nick Queen said...

Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did someone think that he committed a pre-meditated murder in the name of Islam. The two faculty members killed were a Jew and a Hindu.Were they a target ?

The Green Arrow said...

I dont think so Anon. I have been reading the blogs and news all day. Seems he took out his girlfriend and her new friend first. The letter was supposedly written in two parts, hence the "forced" into his actions.

Loads of theory's - but why the hell didnt that one class rush him when he reloaded?

Anonymous said...

Ismail AX..perhaps spelled backwards XALIAMSI was the anti-depressant he was on.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say he was a terrorist and a christian. Thats makes him a Christian Terrorist. A Christianist, Fundamentalist Christian. His hatred for the Free world, higher education is obvious, He wanted to send a message to the world that Christian Terrorists Sleeper Cells are here and will attack america's higher education institute, He Killed a Jewish Teacher and a Muslim Student.

I Stand of the Children of Israel Not with Nation of Israel.

Anonymous said...

How could we know if this was inspired by Islam, Muslim beliefs? Even after the FBI etc. completes their investigation how would we know that Cho was trying to send a message supporting the killing of American students? How would we know that this blood sacrifice was required of him by a higher power to prove a point or to come closer to some ultimate reward or to prove that "the American nation is corrupt and it needs to change?"

I Love My Country said...

Unlike Islam, Christianity, specifically, Jesus never called for the executuion of those who sin against God. He told his followers to LOVE their enemies and pray for those who spitefully use them. Jesus loves the person but hates the sin. Anyone who murders another in the name of Christinity or Jesus Christ is not getting his or her directive from God. He's getting them from the god of Hell. I thank the true God of the Bible for causing me to be born in America. While I do not agree with every thing that goes on here or in the world, I appreciated the freedoms allowed here, and apparently so do Muslims who call for Jihad against the "infidel."