Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Spitting in the face of Justice

Rudyard Kipling once wrote:-

"For the Christian riles, and Asian smiles, and he weareth the Christian down".

Well he was right about that for sure. But it is not the smiling I am concerned about. It is some of their other little habits. Unless of course you consider spitting an enrichment of our society.

Like this story here that is sure to get you going. Our grinning friend shown in the image is seen laughing at the system after being told to pay his victim, that he had subjected to a nasty and frightening racist attack, just £200. Yep £200 big ones - a mere bagatelle to this shopkeeper who ran an ambulance off the road and then proceeded to terrify its driver before spitting in the paramedics face.

Magistrate Michael Fry told Aslan: "What you did was appalling and disgusting. You could write to the victim expressing your remorse - it's up to you and your conscience."

Yes and Pigs might fly. Well we do not want racist scum to have a slap on the wrist. We want these creatures locked up. If they are refugees or immigrants then we also want them deported to serve their sentences.

If the attacker had been white and the paramedic coloured, the screwupapers and Government would be organising a lynching and for once demanding the restoration of the death penalty. Regardless of colour or race, these kind of attacks must be severely punished.

A British National Party is the only party will give victims of crime justice. Remember that and vote B.N.P. in May.

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