Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Inside the UAF

In an earlier post, I was was pointing out the lack of democracy in the Unite Against Freedom group and how their leaders were self appointed. I also pointed out that its main members were from the Moslem Respect party and that they drew their funds from traitor Unions such as Amicus. You might remember this also about Amicus.

So it is interesting to read the following over on Workers' Liberty. Where they show exactly the aims of the UAF and SWP. Neither of these organisations contest elections - far too democratic for them, although the SWP is a member of the Respect coalition which has one MP. Well read on and make your mind up on who are the fascists in British Society - the B.N.P. or the internationalists who seek to destroy us. The image is a rare photo of a strategy meeting between the various UAF factions. George Galloway is center. The following is a sample of what to expect:-

For a long time sponsorship of Unite Against Fascism has been the token gesture of the trade union movement. No questions are asked about how decisions are taken in UAF, how democratic local groups are, how open they are to those the SWP doesn’t like and what alliances the SWP make on behalf of UAF.

UAF operates not only on a cross-party basis but also a cross-class basis. Tories, liberals, religious reactionaries are all invited to be a part and the politics of its literature is simplistically anti-Nazi.

Of course those actively sought to be a part and to front that alliance are chosen by the SWP and sometimes this causes reaction from trade union sponsors. Attempts to have Sir Iqbal Sacranie (then General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain) take a prominent role at press conferences and in UAF literature led to uproar from a number of unions. But the policy of UAF remains to ignore anti-government dissent on low wage employment, welfare services and the issues behind the racism that the BNP cashes in on.

UAF does not attempt to build ongoing democratic campaigns in the areas where the BNP exist. In Nottingham, as probably in most places, one-off, haphazard leafleting is announced. Nothing is said about who has organised it. In reality it is arranged by the SWP and largely dealt with as a party building stunt. UAF is essentially an adjunct of the SWP.

The other major national anti-fascist organisation, Stop the BNP, is more open than UAF, but some of the recent material has been less than adequate. Its election leaflet quotes Alan Sugar, near billionaire and arrogant boss-figure — hardly the sort of person alienated working-class people can identify with. When it has Gordon Brown speaking on its platforms (as in Glasgow on 6 April) it can hardly relate effectively to working-class despair and dissent with the government.

Despite the weakness of these national campaigns, there are serious possibilities open to anti-fascists to organise. In Nottingham, large meetings are being organised in the very centre of BNP activity. One in Brinsley, reported in an earlier issue of this paper, attracted 40 people.

Elsewhere in Broxtowe, Labour Parties are working with anti-fascists to organise meetings and leafleting of areas where the BNP are standing.

There is an inevitable tension between anti-fascist activists, who are overwhelmingly anti-government, and Labour Party organisations who have a more equivocal stance. AWL supporters believe that where there has been no work done and no base for independent working class candidates, as in almost all the areas where the BNP is standing, a vote for Labour is needed against the BNP. Some anti-fascists disagree with us on this. But all the active anti-fascists involved in the campaign acknowledge the need to organise those that oppose the BNP — to build activity in trade unions and the working class communities around the issues that the BNP tries to exploit.

So as you can see, you have the whole rotten mess involved in the destruction of Our Nation and democracy. The Torys, David Cameron, Labours, Gordon Brown and the icing on the cake for the destruction, a nice mix of SWP and the MCB. Spit.

The clock is ticking for Great Britain - you need to vote for the British National Party on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day or you may lose your Country.


Anonymous said...

The very same UAF site that called for interfering with the electoral broadcst of the BNP has a photo gallery....going back to 2004!
That's right, nothing since 2004.
They do not have the support of the public, only those who seek to gain from multicult experiments, unions, politicians and here today gone tomorrow rap singers.
UAF, like all these Trotsky organisations is an incestuous little group, turning up to boost each others numbers when required.
Their support is nil among the electorate and this is borne out by the recent call to arms, widely ignored by imaginary" supporters"

Anonymous said...

The failings of UAF etc do not in anyway justify the existence of the BNP. two wrongs dont make a right. you seem to spend a lot of time slagging off anti fascists, but not a lot of time denying that the BNP are fascists... maybe becasue the latter is a fact that cannot be denied.

BNP = race hate

The Green Arrow said...

Anon, the B.N.P. are not fascists. I am not a fascist the activists I have met are not fascists. My father was shot fighting the real fascists.

The BNP does not try and stop freedom of speech by "no platform".

The BNP does not deprive people of their livelihoods because of their politics.

The BNP does not expel people from unions or gloat.

Come on man, smell the coffee.

Felicity said...

The UAF and their supporters merely manipulate the electorate by calling the BNP such things as Nazi's and Fascists.
Many people who agree with BNP policy as agreed on by UAF


(check out example 2)
are bullied by the "smash the fash" into believing that a patriotic party are the reincarnation of those who slaughtered millions.
This denigrates the memory of those who dies in the worst genocide in living memory and manipulates the decency of the waverer....who in blind reading supported the policies of the BNP in almost every way.
Thankfull UAF csan fool some of the people soe of the time etc etc

Anonymous said...

No, the BNP do not deprive people of their livelihoods because of their politics… only because they are ineffectual and not capable of having any such influence.

If they had their way though they would deprive people of more then livelihoods, they would have people out of their homes and on a boat out of the country because of their religion, nationality, or skin colour.

They do not expel people from their union (solidarity) because
1) They vet who can join in the first place, ensuring it is for ‘British workers’
2) No one in their right mind would join in the first place!