Saturday, 28 April 2007

Billy Connolly - Don't you just wish he would die?

What the hell is Green Arrow saying? Wishing death on a fellow human being? Surely not. But wait. There is usually a method to his madness. What is it this time.

Billy Connolly (pictured waiting in the ready position for a male friend) is reported as saying that he "detested" the B.N.P. beliefs. Fine. Let it be known that the British National Party, members and supporters are not too sure about Connolly and his sense of humour.

Connolly you will recall is the one who suggested that the Moslems get on with the job and cut off hostage, Kenneth Bigleys head. And sure enough. They did.

You can read (if you wish but I cannot) about the last horrifying moments of that poor mans life here. If you have a strong stomach you can even view it.

And now perhaps you can relate to the header. Billy Connolly - Wanker. Sorry Ladies.

Vote British National Party on May 3rd and watch Big Mouth Billy change direction.

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Eddie said...

A former welder who makes money sweating profusely on stage and giggling about bodily functions.....cuts to the quick to know he thinks I'm vile.