Saturday, 7 April 2007

The Shame of Spain

How can such a proud nation be so stupid? A country that rivalled Great Britain in its escapades around the world. A nation of explorers and warriors. One of the first nations to first halt the spread of Islam in Spain and then cut the evil cancer out of the its Nations body. How could they not learn from history?

The Moslem's first invaded Spain in 711 and it then took Spain almost 800 years to be finally free of this virus that affects the minds of weak men. Whilst they were in Spain the cult of the paedophile also took a swipe at France, but that is for another day. Read the shame and betrayal of Spain here. Fools, stupid, stupid fools.

There is an aggressive delusion amongst the Muslims that the lands which they overrun once, always remain Muslim lands. While the Muslims have a birthright to invade any non-Muslim land on the pretext of converting the non-Muslim population to Islam, the victims of the Muslim invasion have no right to eject the Muslims! They have to meekly subject to the will of the Muslims, who invoke the name of a fantasy they called allah.

For an excellent blog that has excellent images and a detailed time line of the the saga of sacrifice of how the Jihad was stopped, defeated and rolled back by the Spanish Re-conquistadors who finally ejected the Moors from Spain. Go here.

Is it to be Great Britain, alone again, under a British National Party government to be the saviour of Europe again?


Highest Infidelity said...

Denmark is waking up to the threat. I think many of us here in the US are now too. You'd think we would have already woken up after 9/11 but it seems folks are getting lulled to sleep again by Senor Bush's incompetence.

The UK wont' be alone and we're the same team that whooped the Nazis in WWII we whooped the communists in the Cold War and we'll whoop the Muslims in their jihad.

Anonymous said...

We in Australia to are slowly waking up to the threat. The problem is inner urban leftwing elite who idealise Islam.

Felicity said...

For decades they have been quietly colonising other lands in Europe America and Ausralia. They humbly ask for concessions like more mosques and halal shops and the permission to bring in dirt poor brides and bridegrooms from Muslim lands.

Without exception these humble requests have been granted by benevolent Western states anxious to extend the hand of friendship to these rather quaint people in strange clothes and simple faith.

They entered politics and spoke of love of humanity, justice and cohesion. The nice words honeyed the doubts many of the hosts felt.
If opposed they retreated into "hurt feelings" and pleas for understanding...meanwhile they bred huge familes, kept ousiders a arms length...and smiled.

This is the way Mohammed built his army, quietly, peacefully and relentlessly.
He made treaties and lulled his opposition into security, then at Mecca, he attacked and slaughtered the Jews who mocked him when weak.

The West and the rest of the world are slowly waking up and rubbing its eyes in disbelief. They cannot conceive that the smiling guests are following a pattern laid down in the Qu'ran for he taking over of oher countries.

Look at the global map.
Show me one area where the enemies of the free people of the world are not breeding, infiltrating and poised to take over.

In many cases, they are still smiling or claiming hurt feelings.In Britain and USA and Bali and Madrid a "few exremeists" blow up commuters. The others sob and shake their heads "this is not Islam", and rejoice in their hearts that the terror intifada has begun, and the powerlessness of the victim states in the face of pure evil.

When they recieve the call the time has come to take by force what they have previously humbly asked for, we'd better be ready.
However the craven, the stupid and the anarchists of the Far Left prefer to blame the messenger, racism, they think they understand. Blind hatred of Freedom human rights and progress is beyond their limited knowledge.

Anonymous said...

We'll have a fight over every single mosque in the UK too. Once a buildig becomes a mosque it remains so for ever. All the more reason not to allow the mega mosque in London. I've seen the proposed plans and trust me its a fort dressed up as a place of worship.

Anonymous said...

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