Saturday, 14 April 2007

B.N.P. Responsible for sinking of Titanic

Divers have discovered what appears to be the remains of B.N.P. stickers stuck on the hull of the R.M.S. Titanic.

Conspiracy theorists have often wondered whether the sinking really was the result of the ship hitting an ice berg or as some "respected" theorists have claimed. The actions of Time Traveling B.N.P. supporters, hoping to eliminate the grand father of Ordinary Seaman Staines.

It is well known in political circles that Staines grandson went on to become a leading activist in the Unite Against Freedom movement.

In another racism theory that you can read here.

POLICE HAVE not ruled out the possibility racist thugs may have been responsible for a fire attack on an Indian restaurant in central Broughty Ferry.

Last month several Asian and Middle Eastern shop owners had swastikas and BNP slogans daubed across their storefronts.

Historians and genealogists are now looking into the origins of Thomas Farynor, baker to King Charles II in Pudding Lane as it is believed now that he may not have been responsible for the Great Fire of London in 1666.

They feel that the bakery fire may in fact have been the work of B.N.P. activists who thought Farynor was a foreign name. Historians say that the B.N.P. stickers would almost certainly have been destroyed in the disaster that consumed over half of London.

Whoever the perpetrators of this crime are, they should be punished to the maximum of the law be they white or coloured.

The British National Party - Keeping things real.


Helena said...

Oh dear, another Asian restaurant razed to the ground following a "racist graffitti" campaign.
Was the owner insured one worries?
Is the Pope a Catholic?
Did Rose Kennedy own a black dress?
This nonsense will be trotted out until May 4th to scare off waverers.
Even Corrie and Eastenders are upping the ante with their "poor asylum seeker" storylines.
Ah well, you can fool some of the people etc etc.

The Green Arrow said...

Good day Helena. I hope you have a pleasant one. Did I see you up in Scotland a little earlier?

Helena said...

Ah yes, you may have done GA, commenting?
Its a beautiful day up here, but sadly one of our parks has been polluted with a steel band, greasy students and loads of anti fash flyers! The Reds are really scared....lovely!
(the park is near the Uni, so they can stumble out of the union bar and not walk too far to save the world from the likes of little me)