Saturday, 21 April 2007

Operation Cover-Up

We are all familiar with the announcements from the various Police Forces around the country that they are going to carry out "zero tolerance" vehicle checks to ensure they are not carrying food or water that drivers might eat or drink whilst stuck in traffic.

Well whilst these little displays of "We are the Masters" can be annoying, they at least are not usually fatal but acid attacks on women not wearing the veil are very common throughout the Moslem world.

Now in Iran, where they really understand the meaning of "zero tolerance" their Gestapo have just announced the summer offensive "Operation Cover-Up" will start next week.

Deputy commander of the Iranian police force warned women that "the police will operate against women who dress like models in town. Women that are arrested will be taken to four centers, where they will receive guidance and advice. They will commit in writing not to dress in violation of the dress code again, and they will be released only after their families come to pick them up and bring them proper attire."

And it is not just the women who are to be roped in. Young men in short pants are also targeted. Apparently the sight of young men in tight shorts is just too much for some Moslems. One wonders what goes on in the minds of some of their madmen.

In addition to the hijab, Iranian women are required to wear a long coat to conceal any trace of the outline of their figure.

So, in case you are thinking of holidaying in Iran, you are reminded that the Mohammedan dress code also applies to non-Islamic women, as well as to tourists visiting. Great place especially in summer. Don't forget to wrap up well.

Perhaps it is better to go somewhere safer, like Turkey. Perhaps not, read this.

‘included shootings, arson, assault with meat cleavers, kidnapping, beatings and attacks with acid on women not dressed in an Islamic manner.’

And those unelected clowns are actually thinking of inviting Turkey to join the european union and let their masses have open access to our country. Why not just release bubonic plague on us and have done with it.

If you have no wish to see your ladies looking like the young Iranian girls shown in the image then you would be wise to vote for the British National Party on May 3rd because Sharia Law and their dress code is creeping across Europe.

So Ladies what is to be this year. Something from Vogue or is it to be the Nanook of the North look?

If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves?


Lucifer Akhbar said...

This is Satanic:

Kick these devils out ASAP. There is no place for them in civilised society.

Anonymous said...

In the good old days when goddess worship was the norm, women had the upper hand in society and were revered as sacred life givers.
The pagan culture of Britain was dedicated to the Great Mother, wiccans still follow this.
Eventually the Monotheist God religion took over and the goddess was binned with the result that women were relegated to second class citizens.
Like most societies the West progressed and things eventually evened out..not in Islam.
Allah the 6th century Persian deity had three daughters represented by the three stars beside the crescent moon (Allah)Allah doesn't like women, neither did Mo and since they are one and the same Islam is stuck in that weird time warp the rest of the world escaped.
It cannot be reasoned with or petted (islam) it can only be destroyed like Ebola or at least confined in the Third World it belongs in.