Friday, 6 April 2007

If every vote counts. Count every vote.

I am worried about Ballot Fraud. We already know that some political parties are not adverse to a bit of Postal Balloting fraud and indeed thrive on it - the link refers to two Liberal Democrat Councillors who were jailed for trying to rig a local election.

Manzur Hussain, 58, and Mozaquir Ali, 44, defrauded dozens of voters during the 2004 local government elections.

However there is a new thing for lovers of democracy to worry about. I have just read this over at that beacon of truth. The Swindon (Rolls on floor laughing) Advertiser.

Thousands of people have already pre-registered to vote online according to Mr Winchcombe, with 2,000 people already cancelling their postal vote in favour of the internet.

Mr Winchcombe hopes it will up the numbers of people casting their vote.

"This is the most diverse pilot in the world," he said.

"We have people of 96 years of age registering to vote on the internet."

"We are hoping for more votes because of it. We have people telling us they can only vote on the internet.

That worries me. Just who is telling them they can only vote on the Internet? It would be churlish of me to think that perhaps they come from the Muslim (there are one billion of us) minorities?

But let us assume that this 96 year old person was one of the founders of on-line computing and can zip around the net quicker than I can Google "labour liars".

Does this 96 year old speak English - I am being serious? Is there any danger that if he or she does not speak English and relies on another person to input their vote, how will they know that the person operating the computer for them did not vote for the Labour Party, instead of the British National Party as they wished?

So what checks are going to be made to prevent this happening?

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


Cat said...

Its happened before. These two enriching Lib Dems got 18months each!
Its a cultural thing?

Me again said...

And of course the red herrings smokescreens and general Injured feelings of another lot. Labour this time reeling from more cases of "Asian" election fraud.

Anonymous said...

This is the smell which just wont go away. He was eventually cleared but look how the "witnesses" originally against him and signing each page of police statements eventually have failed memory syndrome in the witness box.

I dont thnk our elections will be fair and uncorrupt.