Sunday, 22 April 2007

Swansea - a City Enhanced by Immigrants

I apologise to the True Brits who are not familiar with the name of Ian Titherington. He is only known in Wales for his support of almost anyone but the native born Welsh. But it is just as well to let the rest of the U.K. know that Wales also has its shares of Quislings. Notice his blog carries the logo of the defunct Nazi CRE, the organisation whose black chairman Trevor Phillips, said that BNP voters were "less than human".

And yet he is a Plaid candidate for Swansea West and is hoping to see Muslims elected as Welsh Assembly Members. You know that big talking shop where the likes of Rhodri Morgan gobs off and gets fatter every week at the expense of the British Taxpayers for doing nothing. Remember Rhodri, he is the one who preferred to go golfing then go to the Normandy Landings Commemorations. My father landed there on D-Day and was machine gunned outside Caen - vote Labour? I would rather rot in hell.

Now Plaid, you must remember is the party that thinks that Wales is hideously white. Remember the speech by Lord Ellis-Thomas. That is what Plaid really thinks of the Welsh. They, like Labour are internationalists and seek a muddy brown world where everyone is equal according to their standards and they rule it.

Yet if you visit their websites and forums you will see their despicable hatred aimed at our allies, The English, our Brothers of Britain. But Plaid hates them because, like you they are white and stand in their way.

The image shows a B.N.P. team dropping some sense of at Plaids Offices.

The truth is they would rather a T.B. infected Somali then an Englishman move to Wales, because they believe they can control the Somali and control his vote. Why do you think all these immigrants have been given the vote? To help keep the pigs feeding at the trough we fill through our Labour. Dhimmi Plaid. Dim Ian.

Well the political wheel is turning and one day the people who have brought Our Country to its knees will pay and by then let us hope that Capital punishment has been restored.

There is only one party that cares with a passion about Wales and that is the British National Party. Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd. A vote for any other party is a vote for national suicide.


Helena said...

Sounds like the SNP in Scotland...everybodys Scottish and equal, jusy more equal if you're brown and just arrived.
Please God let the BNP win!

Anonymous said...

I have just been on to Mr Titerington's blog (mistake deliberate), and low and behold, another of those sites which wont allow an anonymous comment to be posted-so much for free speech!. I was going to register, but decided that as its unlikely he gets many visitors, there is little point in trying to enter debate with him. So if you do read this far more popular blog, Mr Titherington, your snake like anti British treason disgusts me.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Helena, you beat by seconds on that one site. LOL

Anon, your right the guy is not worth the effort. I replied to the digs about my elderly mother destroying her labour card and announcing her intention to vote BNP and they just scoffed and deleted my comment.

One turd, JD186 seems to find the fact that my father landed on D-Day also entertaining. Labour Scum.


He is a teacher - no wonder our kids are screwed mentally with the like of him teaching.

celtic morning said...

You are bang on about Plaid and the English . A friend of mine once told me I should vote for Plaid and I replied that when Dafydd Iwan wrote one of his famous protest ( hatred ) folk songs about the asian invaders, instead of the English then I will know they may have seen the light . Of course he never will , reserves his spleen , like many other narrow minded Plaidies , for our big brothers who , by sheer weight of number , will have to stand up and be counted as the back bone of Britain . I served with English , Scottish and Irish lads in the forces and many were my greatest mates and I gained much from their company . Plaid would see Wales split from the UK , throw itself into the cess pit prison of the EU just as long as the money came from somewhere to support our social security handouts . Its a sign of insecurity for any of us Welsh to "hate " the English . If we were really comfortable in our nationality then we would be proud to welcome the English as our blood brothers , which they are . I am glad to know and count as great friends , many Englishmen and women . Plaid should save their hostility for those who threaten us, threaten our identity , threaten our traditions , the English are , have been and , I hope , always will be , our true friends in spite of the traitors who line up under the Plaid banner. Plaid - the Party of Pygmies .

The Green Arrow said...

I too served with guys from all over the UK and we never had no problems. We were United and all British.

And that is what Plaid hates, unity because then they cannot defeat us.

You are right they truly are the Party of Pygmies.

Felicity said...

The Left hate the very idea of a proud independent nation..they cant push such people around can they?
This is invasion by the back door fill the country with hostile foreign nationals then take over without a shot fired. Its been the long game and they have been playing it since the 1950's.
If the indigenous people of this small but united island dont cast a vote for BNP for their right to live proudly in their own land then gentlemen we are doomed.

Anonymous said...
heres a game for all the family.

The Green Arrow said...

MrFister do your homework before commenting. Go read this and the links:-

roundhead said...

Sad to say, there's an English equivalent: the English Democrats. They do some good work campaigning for an English parliament, drawing attention to the anti-English bias of the BBC etc, but they seem to have a pathological hatred of the Scots and Welsh. They then bang on about how they reject "racism" and the BNP! They claim that anyone born in England, whatever colour or creed, has a right to call themselves English.

The Green Arrow said...

roundhead. Yes sorry to say you get them everywhere. Some of them are really nuts

I was talking to an immigrant who is voting plaid. This person claimed to have more right to be called Welsh then I, as she had taken the trouble to learn the language. And Plaid, some of whose supporters would burn an Englishman out of Wales welcome death dealing illegal immigrants with open arms so long as they are not white English.

The Green Arrow said...

Mr Fister, I visited your blog. You are a foul mouthed nasty piece of work. You refused to answer the points a made about immigrants importing T.B. and other diseases.

You just chant the same mantra over and over.

Try again.

Mr Fister said...

What's the argument.

I said "Richard barnbrook has TB. Does that make him a Somalian?"

Simple question, even for you.

Carol Jenkins said...

What is Mr Fister, is it a politician?

Anonymous said...

Roundhead, you are spot-on about the vile VERMIN of the English Democrats. They are liberal-left PC Tory bigots who have it in the Welsh and the Scots! Any true Englishman like I am can't abide these toerags. If they had any brains they would realise that the REAL threat to Englishness is not the few occasions in which Welsh and Scottish MPs have voted for things that only effect England but the fact that England is changing out of all recogniton due to mass immigration.

I personally think the Union has benefitted all of us and I would like to see it maintained.

Anonymous said...

Very wellsaid, Celtic Morning. I feel exactly the way you do about our fellow Britons - the Welsh and the Scots. The vast majority of decent English people are proud to be heavily associated with you in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - this great land we all built together.

I am personally very proud to have Welsh blood flowing in my veins from a great-grandad on my mother's side of the family.