Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Some Questions for the Candidates

In the coming elections on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day, many of the issues that you should be asking your Candidates about will be local issues.

You will asking why the rubbish is only cleared away once a fortnight now.

You will be asking about why it was necessary for so many council officials to fly off to the Hotel Splendido for a week to learn about the plight of gerbils in Peru.

You will be asking why you never see the Police on the streets unless they are waving down motorists for biting their nails at the traffic lights.

And many, many other local issue questions.

And it is well and good that these questions are asked. But these local councillors go onto become A.M.s, M.P.s, M.E.P.'s or have personal contact with these Gods from above. So ask them this, just to see them wriggle.

Why does our government give £289 million pounds a week of our taxpayers money to the European Union?

Why do we give this money to an organisation dedicated to the eradication of our Country? Why when we have:-

  • Taxpayers who cannot get to see dentists because there are none.
  • Taxpayers who die of MRSA in dirty, filth encrusted hospitals.
  • Taxpayers who are not treated as human beings by this Government of thieves, liars and perverts but as cash cows. Whose only purpose in life is to be bled and bled and bled.

Altogether, since 1973 we have given over £200 BILLION to the European Union. A union whose accounts have never been audited or signed off because of the huge amount of fraud and corruption within it. An organisation run by unelected representatives. Mandelson, Kinnock (and half his family) and Pattern. Politicians rejected by the British electorate but with friends in high places.

Just to give you an idea of what we in Our Country could spend that money on, were we to vote in a British National Party government one day. This is what just £1 billion would buy.

  • 222,000 hip replacements
  • Or 46,893 nurses
  • Or 38,782 teachers
  • Or 34, 585 police officers.
Ask them that and if they dispute the figures then point them to Speak Out where they can learn a lot more about the Parasite of the People that is bleeding Our Country dry.

Do you know why there are no corrupt politicians in the B.N.P.? Because they care for their children's future, they chose to join a political party that has principles and values. If they had been in politics for their own ends, they would now be standing as a Tri-Axis of Evil candidate.

Do not forget to keep hitting the forums and online comments pages. The voters need to see B.N.P. everywhere. Good Luck everybody.

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